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2019 Word of the Year

Resolutions and words of the year are my spirit animals. But, truthfully, they don’t mean much unless you actually take the time to implement them. Every year, about mid-January, we hear about folks falling off the wagon, so to speak, with all those good intentions. But you know, we never hear about those that get…

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2018 Word of the Year

There’s a lot of talk about a “word of the year.” And while I think it’s cute and I love that people are jumping on the bandwagon, it’s a bit like resolutions. Unless you do something with it, make marked change and invite God into the process, it’s just a word. Jen has a great…

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2017 Word of the Year is…{drumroll}

2017 word of the year.

Some think a “word of the year” is a bit hokey. That’s cool. I tend to like the word-of-the-year trend. It gives me a singular focus, a word that encapsulates all my new year’s resolutions, Lenten promises, life goals and everything else, into one. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to accomplish…

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Our 2015 Word of the Year

I’ve never been a resolution kinda gal. So when several folks started identifying a “word of the year” a few years back, I felt like I struck gold. A word I could do. Last year, mine was focus. This year? It’s all about the JOY, baby. Source Please don’t read that to mean that our…

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2014 Word of the Year: FOCUS

Maybe you’re not a bucket list person or a word of the year person or even a “let’s make a goal and write in my mirror” person. I will say that being pregnant again has really shifted some priorities for me. Namely, that it’s time for me to get serious (in a super fun way,…

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