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What was I thinking?

Every year I say, “I”ll blog during VBS week!” And every year, I am 100% delusional. Monday morning I slept through my alarm because Gianna decided to par-tay alllll night long and barely skated in the door on time. That’s sort of important when you are the opening station leader who starts VBS. Details. Oh,…

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HDYDI: Lead Vacation Bible School (or any church ministry)

Did you just get nominated to chair Vacation Bible School, or another church ministry? Here's 10 tips to make it a success!

I’m either delusional, slighty crazy, totally in love or a bit of all three. For seven of the last eight years I’ve served as the lead or co-lead for Vacation Bible School (VBS) at two different parishes. I wasn’t perfect and didn’t handle every situation perfectly, but I learned so many life lessons from taking…

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VBS: The Best Moments on Film

It is no secret how much I adore Vacation Bible School.  What can I say, my Protestant upbringing did me right.  To me, it is the greatest week of the summer.  First off, it’s super cheap.  All four of my kids enjoyed a week’s worth of morning activities for less than $100, plus we got…

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VBS: The Best Week of Summer

Well, next to my birthday, of course 🙂  I’m guest blogging all about our VBS week over at Austin Catholic New Media.  And, fear not, in about a half hour, check back in because I’ll be sharing my favorite memories from the week right here.  I know, you’ve been missing me, haven’t you?  Now you’ll…

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For kicks and grins

I thought it would be fun to show how we’ve “grown” since we first started VBS back in the day.  Cue the nostalgia music… VBS 2006 Will (age 5), John Paul (age 2) VBS 2007 My water broke on Wednesday and I had Clare a few hours later! Will (6), John Paul (3), Anna-Laura (2),…

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