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Traveling to Italy? Your 411

Traveling to Italy for work or pleasure? This Catholic travel guide has tips on churches, miracles, seeing the Pope, must-do tours (like the Scavi and Vatican Gardens) and awesome restaurants throughout Italy. Whether you're visiting Rome, Siena, Florence, Orvieto, Assisi or the Amalfi Coast, you're sure to find the tip you need here.

Call us addicts, but we’ve been to Italy five times in the last 16 years and I can attest this is a true statement: Italy, a lifetime is not long enough. Some of those trips were two-week stints as chaperones with our high school youth group. Some were work related and some were¬†pure pleasure, just…

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The Best of 2016

I always love the “best of” lists people write: best photos, best blog posts, best recipes, best everything. It’s such a glimpse into life, isn’t it? 2016 was beautiful, and hard, just like most years. With age, I’m starting to truly understand that no year is perfect, rather it’s our perspective that changes. We learn…

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