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Top Ten: Why You Should Send Your Kids to Camp

On Monday’s packing post, I shared that I had been a summer camper and counselor. It was one of the most formational things I did as a young person. When I was very young (kindergarten-age), I traveled to New Mexico for summer camp for two weeks. Before you let your jaw drop about my parents…

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Top Ten: Nursery Must-Have’s

I’m not a professional interior designer, nor am I the Baby Whisperer. But after bearing five sweet babies and decorating their nurseries, I have learned a few things about what’s nice, important and completely unnecessary. But, let’s go ahead and get this out of the way. You won’t find a Diaper Genie or a Wipe Warmer on this…

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Top Ten: Teacher Gift Ideas

If you’re like me, the end of the school year crazy almost makes you want to drink a nightly margarita.  It is that fun.  Quick, let’s finish that time capsule box.  Go to that PK graduation.  Take that class picture.  Attend that dance recital/music recital/sporting tournament/etc.  Oh, and don’t forget the teacher gift. For the…

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Top Ten: A Reality Check

I’m not sure that I’ve officially launched the news here on the ‘ol blog, but I am now serving as the Lead Blogger over at Hand to Hold’s parent blog, PreemieBabies101.  What an honor!  We talk about all things related to prematurity, child loss and children with special needs.  I have already met some crazy…

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Top Ten: So many things

I have so many things swirling around in my head that need to be blogged about: 1.  Luke’s horrific last two weeks. 2.  The craziness that is John Paul. 3.  The cuteness that is Clare. 4.  The recent HHS ruling. 5.  The news story out today about some defective birth control pills.  (that may be…

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