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Summer Camp Packing: 9 Easy Tips

Stressed about packing your child for summer camp? Never fear! Here are 9 easy ideas to getting your camper summer ready in no time.

I hate to keep bringing up Dos Equis, buuuuut packing for summer camp. That’ll do it. BUT. It’s not as bad as you think. My pain, your gain. Here’s the nine┬ábest tips I have. Cheers. 1: Color Code For reals. Color code it all. Since I pack four kids for camp (I know!) the Sharpie…

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Summer Camp: The Best Week Ever

One of the best weeks of the summer? Week long camp in Arkansas. Oh, how I love thee. For the last four summers, we’ve been sending the kids to summer camp. They adore the time away, with the freedom to do what they want, within reason, we enjoy slightly cleaner bathrooms and less cooking. It’s…

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HDYDI: Pack for {Next Year’s} Summer Camp!

Ah, you’re home. The kids are wiped out, the laundry is finally done and the memories and photos are aplenty from summer camp. Time to focus on starting a new school year, right? Maybe. Because I served as a camp counselor and was a camp kid myself, here’s a few small things you can do…

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Summer Camp in Arkansas, Where the Living is Good

This year, the bigs (Will, John Paul and Anna-Laura) enjoyed a week at summer camp in Arkansas. It’s always their favorite week of summer. I’ve blogged about choosing it, making sure all your kids do it and packing for it. I believe passionately in all three. Next Monday, I’ll share how you can prepare for…

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HDYDI: Pack Your Kids for Summer Camp

Because VBS kicked my tail, I’m taking a few days off from blogging. In my absence from the interwebs, enjoy this post from a couple of years ago about packing your kids for summer camp, along with my case for why every kid should go and how to choose the best camp for your child.…

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