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My Photos Stunk, and I How I Changed Them

Once upon a time, I knew enough about photography to be dangerous. In my past life, B.C. (before children), I had an awesome job as a communications specialist with the National FFA Organization. We set up press conferences, booked speakers, wrote releases and worked with AP photographers. I was in heaven. That was all fine…

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A Sure-Fire Way to Get an Awesome Family Photo

A sure-fire way to get the "perfect" family photo in the Texas bluebonnets.

I do the hard work so you don’t have to. Bluebonnets have been blooming in Central Texas for weeks. And. They. Are. Gorgeous. We tried to take photos a few weeks ago, but we were just too early. Basically, the planner in me planned too early. Hazard of being Type A. I even contemplated taking…

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HDYDI: Plan (and Capture) Rockin’ Family Photos

I am a believer that every family should take professional family photos at least once in your lifetime. Okay, that’s a lie. I think you should take them way more than that. Let’s chat about why I love family photos, how we plan for them and what you can do to fit them into your…

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HDYDI: Capture the Beauty of Pregnancy in Photos

Ladies, can I be bossy Kathryn for a moment? If you are pregnant, please hire someone to take your photos. I mean it. This is one of the most blessed times of your life and speaking as a mom who only took pictures of her last three pregnancies, I wish I would’ve done it with…

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HDYDI: File/Store Digital Photos

Back in the day when we actually printed our pictures, I had quite the system. Much to my husband’s rejoicing, the photo system no longer includes rows and rows of scrapbooks. Today’s post was inspired by a sweet gal I met through Sr. Elizabeth Ann. They happen to be identical twin sisters and I think…

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