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State of the Spring

As I organized and edited photos this spring, I realized just how much I hadn’t shared here. I’ve been slightly addicted to InstagramĀ (and thos stories!), much to my children’s dismay. And, I’ve largely given up posting much on personal Facebook page. It’s been such a dreadful place to hang out, as of late. I do…

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3 Things I Wish People Knew About Catholic Schools

It's National Catholic Schools week and there's just three things I wish every parent of a student knew about a Catholic education.

Raise a ruler and pull up your knee socks if you’re excited that it’sĀ National Catholic Schools week. This weekend, the Diocese of Austin held one kick-tail dinner, benefiting all our 22 Catholic schools. Our keynote was Cardinal Dolan and he did not disappoint. There was something – okay, lots of things – he said that…

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Label All the Things

Heyyyy, welcome back to school, y’all. Don’t worry, I’m the neighbor with the margarita machine. #truestory As we did the mad dash to get everyone ready for school, I found the kindest email in my inbox from my graphic design crush, Minted. They were all, we have a $250 store credit to give away to…

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A School Year of No Regrets

We strive for perfection as moms, don’t we? It’s the golden standard we hold ourselves to in almost every aspect of motherhood. Since I’ve been in Olympic-coma these past few weeks, I keep seeing it over, and over, and over. These athletes train – for years – for a moment. *The* moment. Some of them…

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A Peek Inside the Crazy

Remember when I did seven quick takes? I loved those, but life just hasn’t afforded me that kind of time lately. Back that up. It has afforded me time, I’ve just been choosing to do other things with it. I do feel like there’s a bit of catching up to do, however, and summer sure…

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