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Listen to Your Mother Austin is Live!

Finally! I’m so happy I can share this news with y’all. Trust me, keeping this to myself has not been easy. Being selected for the Austin show was easily a top ten moment for me. It’s not often you get to read something about a subject that’s quite dear to your heart in front of…

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The Best/Worst Thing That Ever Happened to Us

Nearly six years ago, the bottom fell out at our house. It’s been documented well here on the blog. But, when Erin reached out and asked if I would talk about it, I was honored. A tiny bit scared to chat about it with her listeners, but ready. Six years ago I could not have…

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The Day the Preemie Went to Kindergarten

The preemie started kindergarten this week. He did beautifully. I, however, had a slightly rougher time. While the world sees this… I couldn’t forget this…or this… or about 8 billion other moments that led us to the kindergarten door. You see, back in September 2009 I begged God for a miracle. Like, begged. I remember…

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Lessons in Prematurity

As prematurity awareness month comes to a close at the end of the week, I wanted to share one last post before the holidays hit high gear. And, if you read nothing else of this post, scroll to the bottom. Trust me. About a month ago, I reached out to several mommas and asked them lots…

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7 Things I Wish People Knew About Prematurity

Pregnancy is supposed to be easy, but sometimes your baby girl or baby boy ends up in the neonatal intensive care unit. Some friends and family think they understand what you’re going through, but here’s 7 things I wish people knew about prematurity, its effects on a family and how to help someone in the NICU.

Five years ago prematurity happened to our family. Out of the blue, it sucker punched us. Looking back, there are lots of things I’d tell myself – accept help, take it one day at a time, buy more concealer. But, in honor of World Prematurity Day, I also wish people knew these seven things about…

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