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40 Weeks, I Made It!

If you had told me 39 weeks ago that I would make it to 40 weeks with this pregnancy, I would’ve laughed my ever-lovin’ head off. Sometimes God takes your prayer requests seriously. Case in point. After I wrote Monday’s post on Sunday evening, I swore off social media and the blog. Because, you know,…

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Sweet Surrender

Sugarbee Photography I have not been a pleasant person to be around this past week. Just ask Scott. Yesterday I was throwing a particularly impressive pity party, as I heaved a heavy sigh and plopped myself down on the couch. “You know, your anxiety isn’t helping this labor thing along, Kathryn,” Scott said. Oh my…

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Birth Story #4 {The One I Drove Myself to the Hospital, In Labor}

Because a mom needs to reflect sometimes, I’m sharing the birth stories of each of my children as we count down the weeks to Baby Whitaker. Most of these were pre-blog days, so while I share these with you, I’m really writing these for the kids. And, here’s hoping I don’t cause them to duck under…

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HDYDI: Capture the Beauty of Pregnancy in Photos

Ladies, can I be bossy Kathryn for a moment? If you are pregnant, please hire someone to take your photos. I mean it. This is one of the most blessed times of your life and speaking as a mom who only took pictures of her last three pregnancies, I wish I would’ve done it with…

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37 Weeks: The Words Every Preemie Mom Dreams to Hear

BL, as in “before Luke” I could often be found saying, “Oh, I hope I deliver early, because I am miserable.” Then we endured a living 44-day hell, plus some, in the neonatal intensive care unit. My perspective changed. I saw what a 24-weeker, a 31-weeker, a 35-weeker and everything in between looked like outside…

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