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HDYDI: You (or a friend) is in the NICU. What do you do?

The NICU sucks eggs. Most of my readers know that we endured a 44-day neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) stay with our fifth child, Luke. While we were there, so many beautiful people reached out to share their stories, their help and their prayers. It was the most humbling thing I’ve ever experienced. Hands down.…

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Today’s Not Halloween

I know most of the world celebrates a big holiday today with loads of candy, but our celebration will always be much sweeter. This day, three years ago, we brought home Luke from the NICU. Words defy the elation we felt on that day. They also defy the fear and worry, but nevertheless, when the…

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The Baby Goes to School

Yesterday, the baby of the family headed to school for the first time. There goes my heart, I thought. He’s been talking about going to “big cool” for weeks. His backpack has been dutifully hanging with the big kids’ duds since early August. There were many days we’d catch him walking around the house with…

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Busy as Bees

I feel like there are so many things swimming around in my brain.  Unfortunately, I’m in the deep end, treading water!  Client work has been keeping me extraordinarily busy, my workout schedule has been – um – abysmal?  Sports season is finally winding down, but end-of-school activities are ramping up.  I’m still looking for my…

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