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Be Our Guest! A Beauty & the Beast Birthday Feast

A beauty and the beast, feast, fit for a princess!

As the kids get older, the focus is starting to shift from games and favors, to food. Always the food. Clare waited ever so patiently for her mama to get her act together. Her actual birthday was in June and we celebrated in August. After lots of talking and scouring Pinterest, she finally decided on…

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A First Communion Bash

When we sacrament, you can bet there will be a party. Luke’s First Communion was a MAJOR cause for celebration. After the big day, we hosted friends and family back at the house. I think there were 30-ish?! A few weeks ago, I shared an Instagram Live about how I prepare for parties and how…

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2017 in Review

I hope I’m not the only sucker out there for “in review” posts at the end of the year. Just yesterday I went down the Instagram rabbit hole. I guess I just love hearing how folks have grown, what they’ve learned, mistakes they’ve made and what they hope to accomplish in the new year. Believe…

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Aloha, Let’s Luau: A Hawaiian Birthday

Aloha, y'all! This Hawaiian-inspired tween birthday party has sweet treats, activities, decorations and party favors ideas to make your next gathering super sweet.

The beauty of having a summer-ish birthday are all the fun, outdoor theme ideas. Because we postponed celebrating Anna-Laura’s May birthday and hosted it in June, after school let out, we were really able to fully embrace summer. Read: pool time. Anna-Laura preferred a small crew of girls, so we ruled out the neighborhood pool.…

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A Foodie Kind of 16th Birthday

Looking for a fun, and easy, birthday for your teenager? Just feed them! Venture to any of Austin's best food trailers and maybe catch a mural or two, but be prepared to roll home.

Peas and carrots. Peanut butter and jelly. Sweet and tea. Teenagers and food. Some things just go together, don’t they? For our oldest son’s 16th birthday, I struggled with wanting to throw him an epic birthday with not wanting to embarrass the heck out of him. It’s a fine line, this parenting a teenager gig.…

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