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HDYDI: Find Rockstar Pediatric Specialists

My life has always been beautiful, just like yours. Most of us have it in us, we just fail to recognize the beauty inside ourselves. On September 18, 2009 my life became not just beautiful, but rich. Purposeful. Faithful. And, real. God gave us a tiny 3lb. 9oz. miracle and entrusted the gift of his…

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NICU Nurses are Amazing

Today is National Neonatal Nurses Day.  Can I get a holla? Luke was blessed with so many amazing medical professionals during his NICU stay.  It was the nurses, though, that trudged with us through most of the stay.  Yes, our doctors were amazing, without a doubt. But… It was Beth who held my hand when we…

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Going Old School

Remember the days when people actually wrote thank you notes?  You know, the kind with a real stamp (that you licked), hand addressed and delivered by the postman.  Don’t get me wrong, love the email thank you.  I USE the email thank you.  Even do it via text.  But I do love me a good…

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Nurses Rock

Since I’m in the thanksgiving mood and because I know that some of them stalk us in cyberspace…this post is for Luke’s many, many, many nurses. We began Luke’s journey at Seton Main’s NICU.  Those first couple of days, I vaguely remember some really nice people taking care of Luke, but my eyes were fixated…

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