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The Greatest Generation Loses a Mighty Fine Member

I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of living. – Jack Dodson My grandfather had SO many sayings, but this one has always stuck with me. His message was simple: he wanted to be living life – like really living it – until the very end. Looks like he got his wish. Last Thursday, I…

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At the End of the Day, THIS is What Matters

The important text message always comes through when you aren’t available. Or, in my case, while you’re eating queso and laughing with girlfriends. Tuesday night, I was just finishing up a lovely dinner with some great gals when I got the news. My step-grandmother had died unexpectedly. My grandfather is now burying his third wife.…

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My Greatest Gifts

This time of year brings about lots of talk about gifts. Gift guides. Finding the perfect gift. Saving money while buying the perfect gift. Returning the gift. And wishing for a different gift. But, you know what? For me, this season has been about appreciating the gifts I already have. And, more importantly, realizing what…

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