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Our Love Story: Part Two

This is part two of a three part series on how we met. Catch up by reading part one and three. —- Last time, I left you standing at the doorway to Duncan Dining Hall on Texas A&M University’s campus wondering why I hadn’t asked out that handsome fella. Welllll, after consulting with my roommates, we…

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Our Love Story: Part One

Back when I did the vlog, several of you said “share the deets!” on how Mr. Whitaker and I met. You asked, I dish. Honestly, I’ve been wanting to write this down for a long while. I really, really hope this doesn’t embarrass the kids someday. But, I hope they know just how much I love…

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It Was Holly and it Was Jolly: Christmas 2014

In total, I think we hosted 16 people, other than our family, for the Christmas holidays. That’s a whole lotta crazy fun right there. Let’s start with the Nutcracker. For the fourth year, my mom took the girls and I to Ballet Austin’s Nutcracker. As usual, it was fabulous. We’ve managed to time it so…

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I have this post all written in my head. I do.

Trust me when I tell you this blog post I want to write is already written. But, somehow I haven’t figured out how to connect the keyboard to my brain. Can someone get on inventing that? Like, pronto. It’s all about percents, saying no, traditions, babble and lovely photos. There’s even two awesome giveaways coming…

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An Interview…With Sass

I’ve heard from lots of you who wonder if I really do have a twang or it’s just all “y’all this” and “y’all that” on the blog. And, there are some pretty great questions in my inbox and the combox, too. So, I figured why not open wide the gate and just do a little vlogging.…

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