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Dinner Just Got Way Easier

Two words: dinner hour. Two more words: shoot me. Between kids’ activities, Scott’s work schedule, my graphic design work and my inability to drink Dr Pepper intravaneously, preparing for dinner sometimes puts me in the crazy house. It also means that sometimes we eat nachos for dinner with a side of goldfish. Just keeping it real.…

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Summer Camp Packing: 9 Easy Tips

Stressed about packing your child for summer camp? Never fear! Here are 9 easy ideas to getting your camper summer ready in no time.

I hate to keep bringing up Dos Equis, buuuuut packing for summer camp. That’ll do it. BUT. It’s not as bad as you think. My pain, your gain. Here’s the nine best tips I have. Cheers. 1: Color Code For reals. Color code it all. Since I pack four kids for camp (I know!) the Sharpie…

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It’s Fall Y’all

And, in Texas that means we’ve finally hit the 80s. I do so love the fall for two reasons: 1) It’s my happy decorating place. I tend to decorate with jewel tones and fall-ish colors year ’round so stepping into fall is like finding my favorite wool cardigan. It’s familiar and cozy and inviting. Easter…

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HDYDI: Organize Keys

If you’re like me, you lose your keys. All the time. There are a plethora of things I lose – my iPhone, my purse, my mind. After the millionth time, I finally decided to do something about it. This project took me less than 15 minutes, just a few dollars and almost all the supplies…

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HDYDI: Organize Under-the-Cabinet Bathroom Toiletries

Over the Christmas holidays I went on a massive cleanout of our bathrooms. I discovered so much waste, product purchase duplication and expired items. For me, that’s always been a hard place to organize. Important to straighten it out, but hard to navigate around the pipes and narrow door openings. Then, I discovered this goldmine…

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