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Master Bath: Under Construction

Before we get to the big reveal on Monday (I know, I’m squealing, too), I always think it’s fun to see the guts of the project and just how far you’ve come. This is what happens when you’re the daughter of a general contractor. My dad has been in the construction business his entire life,…

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Before & After, Part VI: The Aggie Office

As any good Aggie would say, no house is complete without an Aggie room.  Well…that’s what we say anyway.  I had the good fortune of having a boss who collected A&M stuff – and lots of it.  When he was purging his collection a few years back, guess who he called?  We love all things Aggieland…

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Before & After: Part V – The Girls’ Room!

Oh my, this was fun.  The girls’ room was a completely blank slate when we moved into the house.  After recarpeting the room and painting, it looked like a totally different room.  Thank the good Lord.  I don’t do white walls. We found an uuber cute chandelier at the Pottery Barn outlet that Scott cleaned up and…

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Reality Check

Mine happened yesterday.  Monday was my first full day at home with all the kids – well, the boys were in school until 3, but I digress. Actually, the day went pretty well.  I made the mistake of not taking a shower before Scott left with the boys at 7:45.  That meant I took the…

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Before & After, Part III

Before I get too far into Home Reno 101, today marks a HUGE milestone. I’m officially 36 weeks! I think that’s reason enough to celebrate with two bowls of ice cream tonight, don’t you? No complaints here. You’ll get the full baby report on Thursday. Back to your regularly scheduled blog post for today… Well,…

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