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Dinner Just Got Way Easier

Two words: dinner hour. Two more words: shoot me. Between kids’ activities, Scott’s work schedule, my graphic design work and my inability to drink Dr Pepper intravaneously, preparing for dinner sometimes puts me in the crazy house. It also means that sometimes we eat nachos for dinner with a side of goldfish. Just keeping it real.…

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Easy Gift-Giving

I’m one of those “shop all year for gifts” kind of person. There have been too many Christmas seasons (more than I’d like to admit) where I bought a this will do kind of gift rather than a this they will love gift! But, more than that, I like to give gifts with meaning and…

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Squishy Babies + Adorable Leggings {A Whole Parenting Goods Giveaway!}

Squishy baby legs and adorably soft leggings. A match made in heaven, I tell ya. I’m pretty sure I’ve raved about Nell and her talents before. She’s the momma behind Whole Parenting Goods and she blogs about all things hippy and natural, too. She lives in a beautiful family home (with awesome wood floors!) in Minnesota.…

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