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A Practically Perfect Mary Poppins Birthday

Looking for the perfect birthday theme for your one-year-old daughter? Enter Mary Poppins! This lovely party includes party food, simple DIY decor and crafts, party favors, invitation printables and a shirt that's simply spit spot. You'll wink, do a double blink and fall right back in love with Mary Poppins!

When my kids are little, and don’t care much about birthdays, I let my imagination go on the theme. Admittedly, it wasn’t until baby number five came along that I even put a ton of effort into the first birthday. That kid was a preemie and I wanted to rent out the freaking convention center…

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Happy 1st Birthday Gigi: The Baby Some Said We Should Never Have

I think this milestone is hitting me harder than I imagined. It’s possible I’ll make you cry today, but tomorrow I’ll make you squeal and smile. Pinky swear. You’ll get the full details on her practically perfect Mary Poppins party. Gianna, this letter is for you, baby. Dear Sweet G, You are one today. ONE.…

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11 Months: Whoa Baby

As I type those words, eleven months, I feel this anxious skip in my heart. How can it be that my baby, born in such beautiful fashion, is speeding toward measuring age in years, rather than months? I mean, I should know this is coming, right? Six kids. Not my first rodeo. But, still. I…

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Hey Baby! {9 months went fast}

We hit a big milestone over the weekend. The sweet bebe of the house is officially 3/4 of the way through her first year. And I just don’t even know how that happened. Here’s the quick stats: Weight: 17ish lbs. (doc visit next week) Clothes size: 6-9 months and some 9-12 months Eyes: still blue…

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So…about Christmas

I know. We’re nearly 30 days out from Christmas Day. Math isn’t my strong suit. I shared a bit of the Whitaker family Christmas, but thought I’d show you the rest. You know, because I’m timely like that.¬†Rather than give you the montage of what we did, I’m sharing my ten favorite moments¬†of Christmas Eve…

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