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A First Communion Bash

When we sacrament, you can bet there will be a party. Luke’s First Communion was a MAJOR cause for celebration. After the big day, we hosted friends and family back at the house. I think there were 30-ish?! A few weeks ago, I shared an Instagram Live about how I prepare for parties and how…

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Milestone after Milestone: Luke’s First Communion

I’m not sure my heart was ever, truly, prepared for the beauty of Luke’s first communion day. Now that I’ve had a few weeks to process it all, I’ll do my best to capture it in words. You can bet there will be lots of photos, too. Today, I’ll share the joy of the sacrament…

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Celebrating Catholic Sacraments, Like a Boss

'Tis the season for Catholic sacraments - baptism, confirmation and first communion! This post shares five tips to help you keep the sacrament holy and enjoy the day.

Y’all know me and parties. Like a bee to honey. For many of us, it’s sacrament season – baptism, First Communion or confirmation. The trifecta! This year, we’re celebrating confirmation (hooray!) and next year will be our fifth First Communion. I do so love inhaling holy oils. Sometimes, the joy of the day gets overshadowed…

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First Communion: The Beauty of the Day

When I cried opening the cookie box, I knew it would probably be a good idea to wear waterproof mascara. Having three First Communions under my belt, one would think I know what to expect. But the Holy Spirit surprises me every time. When Will celebrated his, my brother was kneeling next to me. He…

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