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May We All Dig Deep as Easter Draws Near

Source I stood in my dorm room, willing myself not to chicken out. “Just go,” my best friend urged me. “It’s only lunch. If the blind date is a bust, you’ve only wasted an hour.” She had a point. That blind date in the Corps of Cadets dining hall at Texas A&M turned into the…

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Easter People with Pink Eye

Our Easter was (mostly) great. We’re always excited to have Scott home. His office takes the same holidays as our kids’ Catholic school. Benefit of working for the church! For the past several years, we’ve made Easter weekend one full of hard labor. And, nothing says hard labor like two cubic yards of compost and…

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Giving Up on Lent

If you've ever tried to answer the age-old question, "What are you giving up for Lent?" I hope you find this post inspirational.

I swear it’s the first question I hear every year, usually complete with raised eyebrows. If I’m lucky, I might get the head nod. Soooooo, what are you giving up for Lent? It seems like everyone’s default is Dr Pepper! Chocolate! Sweets! Beer! Facebook! Don’t get me wrong. Those are all good things to fast…

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Was This Our Best Lent Ever?

As a Protestant, there was one thing that really intrigued me about Catholics. They took Easter and the 40 days preceding it, seriously. Maybe I should share that whole journey from Protestant to Catholic sometime? I don’t know. Maybe. What say y’all? Fast forward almost 19 years and here we are. Another Lent in the…

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