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Dear First-Time Mama of a High School Senior

I know, I know. You looked at yourself in the mirror this morning and asked, “How, how do I have a senior in high school?” Then you either a) started hyperventilating, b) teared up, c) swelled with pride or d) all of the above. I’m sure moms who have gone before us are already smiling,…

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Quick Five: YouTube Cameo, Fancy Boots and a Break

Life has been full these past few weeks. Fun surprises, *the* boots, talent shows, an unexpected call from (more on that later this week). Always a barrel of monkeys here. Let’s break it down in five. -1- If you follow me on Instagram, you know how excited (and nervous) I was about this. Two…

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Helloooo High School

Taking a break from the craziness of my last post. I’m still overwhelmed at the chord it struck among so many of you. Let’s chat pomp and circumstance, shall we? It seems as if there’s a graduation ceremony for every grade these days. Am I right? But, in our family, our children only attend two…

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The Bittersweet Taste of Motherhood

Gee, God. If I’d known how emotional the last month was going to be, I would’ve bought stock in Kleenex. No lie. Clare celebrated First Communion a month ago, then baby Gianna had her first birthday. That’s been followed by Luke’s pre-school graduation and yesterday, Will’s last school Mass, with eighth grade graduation to follow…

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Advent: Teacher Gifts

Every year, we look for a fun, meaningful and heartfelt way to tell our teachers (and Luke’s therapists!) how much they mean to our family. In year’s past, I’ve made mixes and given gift cards. This year, I opted to put my culinary and Pinterest pinning skills to work. For months, I’ve been pinning some…

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