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Happy 15th aka “Almost Street Legal”

John Paul is 15 which means the insurance rates just went up, again. That’s okay, he’s cute so we’ll let it pass. It’s time for the first birthday letter of the year. Let’s get to it, shall we? Dear John Paul (the Great), You’re halfway through with your freshman year and already I’m thinking, ‘where…

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Luke is officially NINE (and he has one request!)

Every year, I think this day will be easier. Every year, I think the strides Luke has made won’t surprise me. Every year, I think I will fully comprehend how much he has changed us. And every year I am wrong. Luke, nine sure came fast. It was an honor to write this year’s birthday…

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Look Who’s 44…Happy Birthday to Me!

I’ve always written birthday letters to the kids, so when a priest friend of ours suggested I write myself one last year, I did. And I loved it. So here we go again… With every passing year, I’m more grateful for all the little moments. Perhaps it’s because the preciousness of life becomes more acute…

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She’s 13! A Letter to My Teenage Daughter

Boy, the insanity of May really crept up on me. I should know better by now. But, with two first communions, an eighth grade graduation, junior-senior prom, two birthdays and the birth of our niece in the last three weeks, I’ve *just barely* kept my head above water. Anna-Laura turned 13 on Wednesday, but since…

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Sweet G is FOUR!

If I’m being honest, it feels like we’ve had Gianna a lot longer than four years. She is the sunshine in our house. I remember her birth with the sweetest and tenderest of memories. She healed us, in so, so many ways. Today, I’ll share the annual birthday letter. Let’s get to it. Oh, and…

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