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Be Our Guest! A Beauty & the Beast Birthday Feast

A beauty and the beast, feast, fit for a princess!

As the kids get older, the focus is starting to shift from games and favors, to food. Always the food. Clare waited ever so patiently for her mama to get her act together. Her actual birthday was in June and we celebrated in August. After lots of talking and scouring Pinterest, she finally decided on…

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A “Meat Fest” Birthday for the Teenager

The older my boys get, the more I realize just how much their lives revolve around sports, food and sleep. Repeat. They’re also asking me to dial it back a bit in the birthday celebrating department. Eeek. But, I get it. I also realize that dialing it back for me is not the same as…

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A Very Texan Teenage Birthday Celebration

With our oldest daughter’s thirteenth birthday on the horizon this spring, I was stumped with how to properly celebrate it. I wanted her to know how special she was, involve the moms of her friends in some way and do something memorable. A providential evening at a Catholic schools event with the First Lady of…

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Clare Turns 11!

Clare will forever, and always, be my Vacation Bible School baby. I was three days into leading the week at our parish, when we had an unexpected surprise. It was a full month before my due date, but after coming home to take a quick nap, my water broke. Actually, I thought I just needed…

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Look Who’s 17! Happy Birthday Will.

March 27 is a good, good day. It’s the day two of the most important men in my life celebrate life. My dad is 71 today and my oldest is 17. At 6 and 60 and 28 and 82 they share a reversed birthday. How fun is that? Seventeen years ago seems like such a…

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