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37 Weeks: The Words Every Preemie Mom Dreams to Hear

BL, as in “before Luke” I could often be found saying, “Oh, I hope I deliver early, because I am miserable.” Then we endured a living 44-day hell, plus some, in the neonatal intensive care unit. My perspective changed. I saw what a 24-weeker, a 31-weeker, a 35-weeker and everything in between looked like outside…

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Keyword: HYDRATE

Just popping in quickly to let you know the good news, you know, just in case you didn’t hear the HALLELUJAH from where you are. The repeat ultrasound showed a nice jump in amniotic fluid levels, to within the normal range. I’m on strict orders to drink like a fish, take it easy and come…

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36 Weeks: My Wake-Up Call

As you read this, I’m likely downing my fourth or fifth glass of water today. But that’s all because of yesterday’s OB visit. Let’s revisit that, shall we? I’ve been skating in the boring lane for most of this pregnancy. Praise the Lawd. But it’s days like yesterday that I’m reminded that “spring chicken” and…

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A Sweet, Sweet Baby Shower

When you get to kid six, baby showers are just things you read about on and Twitter. That is, unless you have a wonderful friend like Dina who says, “Kathryn, I would love to host a shower for you.” I’m not sure she will ever know just how much I appreciated those words. She…

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{S}he’s a Kicking: 32 Weeks

I tell ya. I hesitated to write this post today. 1. I was afraid of being that pregnant mom. You know, the one who only talks about babies. I can talk teenagers but then I would scare ALL THE PEOPLE from ever having another baby. So. Quandry. 2. I was afraid that there might be…

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