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2019 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! I love putting these together. I tried to give y’all a mix of Amazon Prime, small business owners, companies that I personally know the owner and my absolute must-have favorites. Most of these companies and products are on sale now through Cyber Monday, hooray for that! I know it can be a…

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Let’s Get Something Straight About Christmas Trees

Every December 26 I see it. And, I’m pretty sure you do, too. Friends and neighbors put their Christmas trees out for recycling. How dare they, right? Don’t they know that the Christmas season lasts twelve full days? Don’t they know they should leave their trees up until at least Epiphany? Oh gracious, y’all. Let…

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2018 Gift Guide

Last year, I did my first-ever gift guide and y’all loved it so much (and so did I) that I decided to do it again! On Thanksgiving Day, as I scrolled through my Instagram feed I was so tempted to fall prey to all the sales! and the deals! and the really, really good things…

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Still Fa-La-La-La-Laing

Advent started off so great – SO GREAT. I was the keynote speaker at a women’s retreat in Dallas that first weekend. Even though strep had hit our house, hard, the day provided me an opportunity to speak, spend time in Adoration, go to confession and sit and chat with the loveliest of women. Boy,…

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Taking Advent Back

Advent. The most beautiful time of the year. And also, for me, the most stressful. Where Lent is a paring down, stripping away the extraneous and taking a hard look at being a better disciple of Christ, the secular celebration of Advent is about busyness and consumerism and gluttony. The spiritual Kathryn knows the beauty…

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