Dinner Just Got Way Easier

Two words: dinner hour. Two more words: shoot me. Between kids’ activities, Scott’s work schedule, my graphic design work and my inability to drink Dr Pepper intravaneously, preparing for dinner sometimes puts me in the crazy house. It also means that sometimes we eat nachos for dinner with a side of goldfish. Just keeping it real.…

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Filling Our To-Do Lists with Thanksgiving

Filling our to-do lists with thanksgiving has a whole lot to do with us, and a whole less with others.

Several years ago, back when I was the mama of one, I found myself in the confessional. I was feeling overwhelmed with life. My baby wasn’t sleeping through the night, I had just left my full-time career to become a stay-at-home mom, showering was infrequent at best and our financial life was stressing me out.…

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Always Watching

You know what I’ve missed on the blog? Just talking. About life. About motherhood. Yes, I’ve chatted about cloth diapers, camp, women’s conferences and the like. And I have loved every minute. But sometimes I just really miss talking to y’all about my current state. I really miss my late night writing sessions. Right now,…

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2013: A Year in Review

Year number SIX of blogging is officially in the books. My blog-o-versary was December 26. I can’t believe I’ve been that chatty for that long. It’s always fun to look back on the year and see what people loved, what I learned, what we did and the memories we made. Enjoy the pretty pictures, the…

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