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2019 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season! I love putting these together. I tried to give y’all a mix of Amazon Prime, small business owners, companies that I personally know the owner and my absolute must-have favorites. Most of these companies and products are on sale now through Cyber Monday, hooray for that! I know it can be a…

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7 Quick Takes: A Spiritual Board of Directors

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Lisa, I pray you are immensely flattered. About a year ago I read Lisa’s post on how, and why, she created a spiritual board of directors for the new year. It is brilliant.┬áBut it can also really freak people out. Here’s one important myth that I…

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{Advent} Christmas Lights!

I am a sucker for well-done Christmas lights.  Admittedly, if you drive by our house, our inner-perfectionist wins out.  All our white lights are perfectly straight.  Really, is there any other way to put up lights?  I think not.  Scott and I are believers in a “theme.”  Can’t say that I love a mish-mash of…

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Was today really Monday?

I promise, not too many more days.  Voting officially ends on Wednesday.  I am OVERWHELMED at the number of votes that have been cast (nearly 10,000) for all those cute babies.  Go vote today! If you know of someone in the NICU or has been in the NICU, has experienced infant loss or has had…

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QOTW: November 5, 2010

Did you know that eight babies will be born today in Austin prematurely?  Eight x 365 days x a lot of places in the United States…that’s a lot of babies.  And, equally important, that’s a lot of mommas crying in a rocking chair this morning. Go spread the word about prematurity.  It can happen to…

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