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Master Bath: The Reveal

Oh man. Y’all have been so patient. This master bathroom has been a long time coming. 21 years, actually. We lived in apartments for several years after marrying, moved states, then built a house and then moved back to Texas into *the* cutest one-story house on the planet. It was a former spec home that…

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Master Bath: Under Construction

Before we get to the big reveal on Monday (I know, I’m squealing, too), I always think it’s fun to see the guts of the project and just how far you’ve come. This is what happens when you’re the daughter of a general contractor. My dad has been in the construction business his entire life,…

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Master Bath: The Design

Now, to the good stuff. The hardest part, for me, was choosing a tile and color scheme. You walk into the store *thinking* you know. Then you quickly realize it’s like Sonic and choosing a soft drink combination. There really are 300,000 different combinations. There are two really fun parts of this whole design and…

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Master Bath: The Before

Oh shiny brass how I hate thee, let me count the ways. You have to understand. When we moved into our house nine years ago, it was completely white (floors, carpet, walls, counters, tile, cabinets) and brass was everywhere. We call it Operation Remove the Brass. I see the end in sight. Functionally, this bathroom…

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Master Bath: The Inspiration

Sometimes, you just make do. For 21 years, Scott and I have been the inhabitants of three beautiful houses and two tiny, but cute, apartments. Our first house, we built. We did that once. Since then, we’ve enjoyed buying homes and slowly DIYing our way through them. It’s just what we do. We knew the…

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