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Happy 15th aka “Almost Street Legal”

John Paul is 15 which means the insurance rates just went up, again. That's okay, he's cute so we'll let it pass. It's time for the first birthday letter of the year. Let's get to it, shall we? Dear John Paul (the Great), You're halfway through with your freshman year and already I'm thinking, 'where did the time go?' I wish it was possible for me to adequately convey what a bright spot you are in our home. You are ...

2019 Word of the Year

Resolutions and words of the year are my spirit animals. But, truthfully, they don't mean much unless you actually take the time to implement them. Every year, about mid-January, we hear about folks falling off the wagon, so to speak, with all those good intentions. But you know, we never hear about those that get back on it, even though they fail. January gets a lot of press for being the "goal-making" month, but you can set a goal anytime. ...

Let’s Get Something Straight About Christmas Trees

Every December 26 I see it. And, I'm pretty sure you do, too. Friends and neighbors put their Christmas trees out for recycling. How dare they, right? Don't they know that the Christmas season lasts twelve full days? Don't they know they should leave their trees up until at least Epiphany? Oh gracious, y'all. Let me just state this up front: the decor of your house does not dictate the state of your heart. Should I say that a little ...

2018 Gift Guide

Last year, I did my first-ever gift guide and y'all loved it so much (and so did I) that I decided to do it again! On Thanksgiving Day, as I scrolled through my Instagram feed I was so tempted to fall prey to all the sales! and the deals! and the really, really good things on the interwebs! Because, truly, there are so many wonderful creators out there making some fabulous things for our homes, our families and our lives. ...

The Easiest Family Photos on Vacation. Ever.

**This post contains affiliate links.** I love to take photos, just ask my kids. When we're on vacation, I'm usually behind the camera which means I have tons of pictures of my kids and Scott but very few of us all together. Two years ago, I discovered Flytographer just before our 20th wedding anniversary trip to Europe. We got the most spectacular pictures of us. I mean, like frame-worthy. So, when we decided to head to the east coast this ...

My Friend Haley Wrote a Book & It’s More Than Good Enough

*This post contains affiliate links* When your friend writes a book and you're pretty darn proud of her, you want other people to know just how good it is. First, I want you to know a bit about Haley because I think it helps you understand her book a little better. She's the mama of four and she and her husband live in Waco, right up the road from me here in Austin. She has impeccable taste in tattoos and ...


... and welcome to life at Team Whitaker where I share life as it happens: big families, carpool, Catholicism,Texas Aggies, prematurity, DIY/organizing projects, sanity checks and the occasional glass of wine at 10am. You get real Kathryn. Unedited, honest and a little sassy. It's a Texas-sized honor to have you here! Contact me at [email protected]


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