Stick with what you know

Just two funny things we had to share from our family day today...Scott and the boys ran by the bank to get a cashier's check. After the teller counted the money, she looked at Scott and said, "How much was that again? I'm just not good at math." Hmm...perhaps banking is not in her future??Later, at the grocery store, as I'm putting the food on the counter, John Paul starts jiggling Clare's stroller. The checker at the counter says, "Should ...

Snapshot: January 3

Can't you just smell how sweet she is???


We spent the day near Fredericksburg at a friend's house. Between the two families there were 8 kids, 6 and under!! It was a day full of mischief, fireworks, laughs, no naps and lots of fun. Thanks for a great day Thomas & Melanie!The kids: Blaise, Madelon, Jax, Will, John Paul & Anna-LauraThe girls - the other two were on mommas' hips!The other "kid"Mom and Clare

Texas X 1,000

The gift to Will from Nana became our family's obsession for 3 whole days! The Texas 1,000-piece puzzle looked easy...until we started it. And, after all that work, we're still missing one piece. If you find it, you get to put the puzzle together again!!Day 1: Will hard at workDay 2: Daddy hard at workDay 3: Will taking all the credit

Boys & Guls

Today, we split the "team" in half. The boys (Scott, Will, John Paul and Papa) all made the trek to College Station for a basketball game, Aggies vs. Rice. You start to question if the land down under has officially frozen over when you're more excited about Aggie basketball than football...They had a super fabulous day. And, the highlight was getting pictures taken with the yell leaders. Duh, of course!! As a former yellboy himself, Dad was pretty proud, too.The ...

I love my husband

Have I mentioned lately just how much I love my husband? He took down all the outside Christmas decorations...with no complaints!! And, if the looks of the neighborhood are any indication, Christmas is officially over. But, we still have our traveling wisemen and they don't arrive in Bethlehem until Epiphany Sunday, January 6. A couple of years ago, we started that tradition and the kids love it. Every night we "move" the wisemen and the kids have to find them. ...


... and welcome to life at Team Whitaker where I share life as it happens: big families, carpool, Catholicism,Texas Aggies, prematurity, DIY/organizing projects, sanity checks and the occasional beer at 10am. You get real Kathryn. Unedited, honest and a little sassy. It's a Texas-sized honor to have you here! Contact me at


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