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The Trip We Didn’t Know We Needed, Helloooooo California!

In November, when's Scott's boss (and our former pastor) was named the new Bishop-Elect of Monterey, California, we were equal parts elated and sad. It's never easy to let another good priest go, but our country and our world are in dire need of the good and holy ones like Bishop Danny. At first we joked that we should go to his installation Mass because, HELLO, it's Monterey, California. Then, we looked up direct flights from Austin to San Jose ...
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Live Big, Love Bigger: The Book Cover is Here!

There's a whole, big, beautiful back story here, but I know you came to see the cover. So, let's just show it first, shall we?! 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... SURPRISE! Please tell me you love it as much as I do! Did Ave Maria nail it or did they #nailit? The back story goes something like this. I'm a freelance graphic designer so well-designed pieces are a big deal to me. I had this "vision" of what I ...

You’re 18! And How I Feel About It…

Eighteen. Can we all just sit with that number for a quick second? I (a mom who still doesn't feel that old) have an adult child. And it sure happened a helluva lot faster than I thought it would. I mean, time sure seemed to slow down that one time when Will was two-years-old and kicking and screaming in Sally Beauty Supply because I wouldn't let him buy that flat iron. "He sure is unhappy," the sales clerk said. #facepalm ...

Lent, and what it’s NOT

Ash Wednesday is um, Wednesday. As much as I'd like to give up winter for Lent (dang you Texas spring, where you at?!), I think God wants me to dig a little deeper. I've written a lot about Lent here on the blog over the last decade. I've chatted about how to make it meaningful for your kids, why we keep missing the point and why I want the world to know what it means (a la sassy Kathryn). At ...

Cleaner, Safer, Better

If you've been following me over on Instagram, you know that our family recently embarked on a major diet change. For two of our family members, it was medically necessary. The learning curve to cut out gluten has been steep (oh pizza, I miss you), but it's something we've been contemplating for more than a year. Well, that and a few other changes. As the mom of six, I've always been hypersensitive to what we feed our bodies (inside and ...

The Book! (and a title to boot)

I realized, after looking through all my 2018 posts, that I never "officially" shared on the blog that I'm writing a book. #badblogger So, yes, it's actually happening. I could not be more thrilled or more terrified. At first it sounded so cool to share the deepest recesses of my heart and then I panicked. What if people hate it? What if *I* hate it? What if, what if, what if. I knew, deep down, that it's what God wanted, ...


... and welcome to life at Team Whitaker where I share life as it happens: big families, carpool, Catholicism,Texas Aggies, prematurity, DIY/organizing projects, sanity checks and the occasional glass of wine at 10am. You get real Kathryn. Unedited, honest and a little sassy. It's a Texas-sized honor to have you here! Contact me at [email protected]


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