Anybody Else on the Struggle Bus?

I've been struggling...for a while. No need to get specific with how many weeks, right? God bless my friends who are "thriving" in quarantine. I mean, I think we all have our moments of thriving. And we are absolutely having some. It's what is keeping me afloat. A few days ago, after participating in a livestream daily Mass, I finally acknowledged the ache I felt. On a regular basis, we have priests over for dinner. We love it. We laugh, ...

Before & After: The Girls’ Bathroom

The last bathroom in the house that was still hanging out in the 1990s finally got a makeover. Praise. The. Lord. But let's go back to what it looked like before we moved in, and then the first renovation. That first renovation included removing the linoleum and replacing with tile and then a fresh coat of pink paint. Wow, that was pink, wasn't it? The space was certainly functional, but as my girls got older, the storage issue was becoming ...

Magic Solution & the Cleanest Oven on the Block

A few years ago, I shared my best tips for cleaning your oven (without the self-clean button) and the recipe for my magic solution on Instagram. I even wrote about it in my book. It's my most requested life hack. What does that say about me? Don't answer that. Let's chat ovens and why they should be clean, then we'll get to the magic. For starters, never ever, ever, ever use the self-clean button on your oven. Those are words ...

Living Your Best Quarantine Life…and how ridiculous that sounds

What are we on, day 70 billion of quarantine? It's late, I've had a Shiner and it's time for quarantine Kathryn to share a few thoughts. I think, by now, many of us have felt all the feelings: disbelief, exhaustion, frustration, some semblance of peace, disillusionment, joy, and everything in between. When all this first started hitting the states, my initial reaction was a big 'ol eye roll and a "I think everyone is overreacting." Fast forward four weeks and, ...

Lent: I Don’t Think That Means What You Think It Means

Lent is here and the Internet has a lot of opinions, doesn't it? I think we can sum it up like this: You're doing it wrong.Put on your oxygen mask first, before helping others.It doesn't require a public announcement. You're doing it wrong By "you" I really mean "we." We get sucked into all the details, y'all. So, at exactly what time on Sunday can I break my fast? Is it age 59 or 60, pregnant or nursing or what ...

Sweet Sixteen, Indeed: Happy Birthday John Paul!

I'm *about* a week late to getting this published on the blog. LIFE. I mean, it's been written in my head for a long time. Does that count? It's birthday letter time. Here we go. Dear John Paul, What an exceptional year with you. When you were a baby, you were such a stinker (in the best of ways), but I had no idea how that would translate to the teenage years. Oh, if only I could go back and ...


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