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2019 Gift Guide

'Tis the season! I love putting these together. I tried to give y'all a mix of Amazon Prime, small business owners, companies that I personally know the owner and my absolute must-have favorites. Most of these companies and products are on sale now through Cyber Monday, hooray for that! I know it can be a season of over-indulging - in gifts, in food and in commitments. My hope and desire was to simplify some of that. Only you know your ...

The Inner Lie Nobody Wants to Say Out Loud

There's something that's been weighing on me for a while. As much as I love a good 1,000-word Instagram post (that's likely continued in the comments), I decided to ditch the micro-blog format, affectionately known as the 'gram, and just macro-blog, old-style. Raise your hand if you've ever said this, or heard it: "Oh my gosh, you're just like your social media profile!" If I can be Captain Obvious for a hot second, shouldn't we be one and the same? ...

Welcome to a Decade, Luke

Ten years. Sometimes it feels like a billion years. And other times like a hot second. Just ask any mama of a preemie baby and she'll say the same. My gray hairs (that I now expertly color) prove it. Ten years ago today, at exactly 5 p.m., our whole world was flipped on its head. Ten years ago today I learned just how real God is, how much I depended upon my husband, how great our extended community was and ...

The Book Tour Starts Today!

Y'all. A book tour sounds so...fancy. It's only happening because of you. If you're Rachel Hollis, I'm sure you have a book tour manager and they do all the things. But, I'm just Kathryn, with no tour budget, no fancy first-class airplane vouchers and no assistant. I'm just willing to hustle because y'all are willing to do the same. Below is the tour, with dates and places. The details (like times and exact locations) are all on the speaking page ...

How I Really Feel About Launching My Kid to College

Here we are, the eve of college launch. By the time most of you read this, we will be College Station bound and I will be on the other side of taking my oldest to college. By then, my station in motherhood will have changed and I'm sure I'll have some wisdom to share. Either that, or I'll have a tube of waterproof mascara and some tissues to lend you. But first, before any of that happens, I wanted to ...
If you're feeling overwhelmed by the college scholarship application process, let this post guide you to putting your best foot forward!

Applying for College Scholarships? Let’s Chat.

Scholarships can be daunting, overwhelming, exciting and promising. They can also make you want to disown your teenager applying for them all. Ask me how I know. As the mom of a teen who applied to nearly 40 scholarship programs, a scholarship committee member and a recipient of scholarships that left me with two degrees and debt-free, I hope what I share here is helpful and informative. I am not a professional, nor do I have all the answers. I'm ...


... and welcome to life at Team Whitaker where I share life as it happens: big families, carpool, Catholicism,Texas Aggies, prematurity, DIY/organizing projects, sanity checks and the occasional glass of wine at 10am. You get real Kathryn. Unedited, honest and a little sassy. It's a Texas-sized honor to have you here! Contact me at [email protected]


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