Amy Atlas Comes to Austin!

If you know me, you know I love a good party.  Blame it on my 4-H days, a childhood friend’s catering business, a mom who loved to party and a 4-H record book dedicated to food and nutrition.  Planning events is just in my blood.  If I could ever get my tailbone healed, I’m pretty sure it’s similar to a runner’s high :)

Dessert tables have become all the rage, but to be fair (before the onslaught of Pinterest), many of us have been doing them for years.  Amy Atlas just took it to a whole new level.  When I heard, via Twitter, she was heading to Austin for her book signing tour, I was so excited.  As providence would have it, the stars aligned and I was able to make it just in time for the event to begin.  I’m not sure what I expected, but it was nothing short of fabulous.

Amy greeted every person that walked in, asked a few questions and then began her presentation.  She had a great “picnic in the park” table setup and went through each item:  sharing her ideas on how to start, what to cook and how to make it all look smashing.  There was some Q&A, photos and then her book signing.  As she signed each book, she took the time to visit with each person for a few minutes and pose for any photos.  There is a reason this party master is good at what she does – she never lost the value of making a connection with her guests.  I was in party heaven.  If you’re looking for some serious inspiration, check out the Amy Atlas blog or go check out her new book, “Sweet Designs.”  Somehow I ended up on the front row (I promise it was the only seat left).  As soon as Amy posts photos from the event, I’ll link you up.

Here are a few of her tips that I adored!

  1. Use glass containers to show off something (trifles, candies, etc.), use white containers for the special things (decorated cookies, intricate desserts) and throw in other things like metal, silver, etc. for added interest.  Everything does not have to match nor does the table have to be the exact same on either end.
  2. Make sure you have visual interest – tall stuff at the back, flat stuff at the front –  that way everything is featured and has the chance to shine.
  3. Even though your guests may not notice all the details like scalloped edges or ribbons that coordinate, take pride in the details.
  4. Think of ways to repurpose things in your house.  That is definitely another blog post.  I’ll be trying it out on C’s fifth birthday party next weekend.  I know, you’re already excited, right?
  5. A destroyed table is the sign of a rockin’ party.  Just make sure you take pictures before the destruction!  {my personal favorite}

Amy, welcome to Austin.  I hope this isn’t your first and only trip to our great city.  Thank YOU for giving us such wonderful advice and tips.  My sweet girl’s fifth birthday is sure to be made even more special because of you!



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