Guest Blogging Today x2

I submitted both these posts a few weeks ago and they both happened to be scheduled for publication today.  Crazy.

Over at Catholic Mothers Online, I’m blogging about Texas’ new sonogram law.  And, my take may not be what you think.  Go give it a read.  I really loved writing that post.

At Austin Catholic New Media, I interviewed a religious sister (one of my favorites, Sr. Elizabeth Ann!) and a priest in our diocese, Fr. Brian McMaster.  He’s an Aggie, too, so double bonus.  It was fun and yet another reminder that God’s plans for our lives are so much greater than our own.



  1. Michelle says

    Your first post literally took my breath away. So many people – kind people, who didn’t mean ill or realized what they were saying – have made so many comments over the years about the “choice” to have a child who happens to have special needs like our own child and/or the decision to not “risk” having any more thereafter. Thank God, literally, there are people and families like yours who continue to educate others differently so that we can all benefit from the blessings all children bring.

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