Before & After: Part I

I’ve talked big about all the work we’ve done, but I haven’t ponied up the proof. Well, I present to you…
Exhibit A: The Dining Room
The “Before” and “After”

No, we haven’t officially broken it in yet. But, we will be soon. Our plan is to have a nice meal (fine china, silverware, et al) with the kids on a regular basis in this spectacular room, kind of make it a family fun night. Because, really, every kid should eat pizza on their parents’ finest china, right? It was lots of fun to decorate and we are luh-uving those hardwood floors. You know me and white walls – nope, we’ll have none of those. We even painted the ceiling! I have more proof that we’ve been busting tail, but why show you all the goods at once?


  1. Kristi says

    You did a great job! Where did you get your hardwood floor? We need to find one impervious to doggie toenails. :)

  2. Kathryn says

    We got them at a wholesale place called ProSource here in Austin. It's a scraped wood, rather than smooth, so it doesn't show as many scratches. We did learn, though, that no matter which one you choose, they all scratch :-)

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