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7 Quick Takes: Memory lane, the photo I’ll love forever and why I can’t feel my arms

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW): "Do we have to take religion?" John Paul, yes bud. You go to a CATHOLIC school. Me: "Luke, I don't feel good. My head hurts!" Luke: "Oh, I'll pray for you. St. Mom, pray for us!" "Dad, how many years have you known me?" John Paul, seriously? Luke: "Mom! I broke my arm!" Me: "Oh that sounds awful!" Luke: "I'm just kiddin' with ya...I'm so funny." - 2 - We have some bling in the house. Travis County 4-H held its annual achievement banquet and I was SO proud of our entire club (and my boys) on their efforts this year. It did a club manager's heart good to hear so many people saying, "What's going on in that North Austin 4-H Club?" We've having a blast, that's what. Will served on the banquet committee and helped decide the theme and present awards. John Paul was just happy to taste test the cupcakes. Will earned the All-Star Award and the Silver Star and John Paul earned the Rookie Award and the Bronze Star. The entire family went and we had a great showing from our club, too. If 4-H is your gig, I might know a … [Read More...]

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known as a First-Time School Mom

5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known as a First-Time School Mom

Depending upon how today's going, you're either saying "pass the tissues" or "where's the party?" I don't think there's one right reaction for a mom putting her first baby through school. It affects us all differently. However, I suspect that for you veteran mommas, you've learned a thing or two as you've ushered in many a school year. My oldest is enjoying his last year of middle school and I … [Read More...]

Get a headstart on packing for next year summer camp

HDYDI: Pack for {Next Year’s} Summer Camp!

Ah, you're home. The kids are wiped out, the laundry is finally done and the memories and photos are aplenty from summer camp. Time to focus on starting a new school year, right? Maybe. Because I served as a camp counselor and was a camp kid myself, here's a few small things you can do to make packing for summer camp next year a total breeze. Or, slightly less painful. 1. Hit the … [Read More...]

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Always Watching

You know what I've missed on the blog? Just talking. About life. About motherhood. Yes, I've chatted about cloth diapers, camp, women's conferences and the like. And I have loved every minute. But sometimes I just really miss talking to y'all about my current state. I really miss my late night writing sessions. Right now, they're consumed with cluster feeding Gianna (not complaining!) and I'm … [Read More...]

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Summer Camp in Arkansas, Where the Living is Good

This year, the bigs (Will, John Paul and Anna-Laura) enjoyed a week at summer camp in Arkansas. It's always their favorite week of summer. I've blogged about choosing it, making sure all your kids do it and packing for it. I believe passionately in all three. Next Monday, I'll share how you can prepare for next year's summer camp, but until then, enjoy my camper's reflections on the greatest … [Read More...]

confessions of a cloth diaper convert

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert

As the mom of six, I've shocked a lot of people in my lifetime. But I have to say, when I told people I was switching to cloth with our sixth baby, there were many an audible gasp, followed by a head shake and a shoulder pat. It's okay. I'm used to being called crazy. I do it well. Several of you have left comments and emailed me about making the switch, so I thought I'd dish with an honest … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: A Cameo in the Huffington Post, Sweet Cheeks and Trader Joe’s

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW): "My finger is stinging in my brain." Luke, trying to tell me that his finger had a paper cut. "I can't see because the dark is in front of my eyes." Luke, at bedtime. Who is this kid? "MOM. Gianna is FWEEKING out." Luke, indeed, little man. She totally was. "I can't sleep. I miss Anna-Laura." Sweet Clare missing her big sister who is … [Read More...]

Become a Confident Breastfeeding Mamma

HDYDI: Be a Confident Breastfeeding Mamma

It's National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and nothing gets me more passionate than making sure babies eat. I know that not every momma can breastfeed successfully. I also know what it's like to have a preemie in the NICU and pump GALLONS of milk and then struggle for months afterward keeping up supply, getting a baby to latch and worrying about it the entire time. Been there. Done that. … [Read More...]

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