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HDYDI: Staying on Top of the Paper Monster

Oh, if only you could see my office right now. Hot. Mess. Hey, it happens to all of us. We have a great system in place and then, life happens. I do a decent job of staying on top of paperwork at our house. When I use the systems I have in place, my office is a thing of beauty. And, when I fall off the wagon, I always know it must be because we've been busy living life. When it's a disaster, I like to say, "but look at all the fun we've been having!" Time to get back on the organized horse. Here's a few systems we have and hopefully, maybe, they'll help you. Giddyup. 1. Make it accessible. We installed a magnet board in our renovated laundry room. It houses important coupons, school paperwork and invitations. It's super convenient because we see it every time we leave the house. If I can remember to put it up there, I rarely forget it! 2. Make it pretty. About a year ago, a friend of mine was selling cute personalized totes and I knew just the space - and the saying - I wanted for mine. Enter, the cutest standing file folder container. Ever. Meet Mrs. Organized, … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: Choo-Choo’s, our crazy life and the Nun who made me cry

- 1 - This week's QOTW (quotes of the week): Me: "Luke, you've been five for a whole week!" Luke: "So next week I'll be six!" "Who's that pretty girl? Who's that pretty girl? Who's that pretty girl? Right in front of me. {chick chick} Right in front of me. {chick chick}" Every kid in our family has a song that I've made up. Don't worry, I won't make you endure the torture by singing them … [Read More...]

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A Belt I Adore

I've always made it a practice to share things I love on my spot here on the interwebs. Sometimes I showcase an awesome Catholic artisan or a cool new thing I've discovered, but I always consider you - my sweet readers - before saying 'yes.' When I got the email from Uncommon Goods about checking something out of my choosing, that was an easy yes. Actually, it was a hard yes. Because I couldn't … [Read More...]

Radio Silence

A quick note to let you know: a) I'm still alive. b) I need more Dr Pepper. c) And concealer. d) I plan on doing quick takes this week, so count on a Friday post. e) The post that mysteriously disappeared from your feed readers on Tuesday? It was intentional. It was one of those that should've had more prayer before I hit the publish button. Sometimes the delete key is your friend. … [Read More...]

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Happy 5th Birthday Superman

As I click away on the computer keys, I can't help but feel nostalgic. Victorious, perhaps. Today, September 18, is our sweet preemie's fifth birthday. FIVE. And I hardly recognize the mom reflected back to me in the mirror these days. She finally learned to live life. Luke has been God's greatest gift to the family in many ways. Today, we celebrate his life, his tenacity, his love and his … [Read More...]

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Our Very Best Moments from Summer

Even though our days are still in the high 90s (and sometimes low 100s!), with the start of school summer sure seems like a distant memory. Before we hit the vernal equinox, I wanted to share a few bits and pieces from our summer here at Casa Whitaker. Just a few nights ago, Scott and I were sitting on the couch and he says to me, "Did summer even happen? Because I feel like it was just a … [Read More...]

The Vlog: A Maiden Voyage

You asked for it. Prepare yourself for the twang. I talk cookbooks, pantry locks and getting six kids to bed. But, it may be the text I get from Scott a few moments in that saves the vlog. Happy watching! And, please, be nice to me in the comments. Yay or nay on the chatty? Do you like your Team Whitaker vlogged or do you prefer me in text form? Don't worry, after watching this I'm most likely … [Read More...]


7 Quick Takes: The very best video, messy eggs and a cool 1 million

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW): "Dad, can you make me a messy egg for breakfast?" Luke, we call that a fried egg, over easy. "Those kids sure have some neat backpacks. But mine's the coolest." Luke, on all the other PK kids' choices on schoolwear. - 2 - I keep forgetting I have some sweet readers across the pond who may not fully share my love of all things American football or my … [Read More...]

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