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My Priest’s Palm Sunday Challenge

As I sat through the Palm Sunday service, I had an epiphany. Well, it was the Mass, combined with some devastating health news from a friend (offer up some prayers for her) and some other things brewing in our household and extended family. My balance is off. Yours too? As we begin the holiest week of the year, I'm finding myself wanting desperately to connect, while at the same time wanting to disconnect. My pastor urged us to enter into this week without distraction, without the extras and live it, one holy Mass at a time. That Holy Spirit, He's a good one. I'll be logging off from the blog this week and largely off social media. I just think my heart needs this week to recharge, to reset. The kids have a glorious five-day weekend ahead and there are Easter egg hunts with neighbors, brunch with my parents, lots of Masses (emphasis on the lots!) and some beautiful moments. I guess I just don't want to miss them. If you need a little Team Whitaker fix, I wrote this post a bit ago about celebrating Holy Week with your kids. And, I hear that Jennifer is posting the … [Read More...]

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A Teenager, Again: Happy 14th Will

Today, our oldest turns 14, and y'all know what that means. It's time for me to get sappy. But, I'm also painfully aware that what I write on this blog is now read, and approved, by said 14yo. His friends read this space sometimes, so I'll do my best to keep from embarrassing him. This one's for you, Will. --- Dear Will, I blinked and now you're 14. That really happened. It's … [Read More...]

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Love is in the Details: Preparing for an Easter Feast

I hope you haven't given up on Lent.  The holiest week of the year is nearly upon us and even if these (almost) 40 days haven't been what you hoped, there's still time to jump on the train. If Gary Chapman's book, The 5 Love Languages, had one more language I'm really hoping it would be "Finding Love in the Details." That's always been my happy place, discovering the small things and making … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: Hot glue, a radio gig & where’s that money tree?

No, I'm not losing my mind. Well, not technically. Fridays are usually reserved for 7 quick takes, but I'm doing them early because a certain teenager has a big birthday on Friday. And, something fun is happening on Thursday (see #2). But, I'm getting ahead of myself. - 1 - "Mom, you're going down." John Paul, talking smack before the NCAA tournament began. "Your bracket's busted. … [Read More...]

Ever wonder what all the fuss is about regarding Central Texas' Painted Churches? These beautiful hidden gems are a Texas treasure. Time to pack up the car and get to exploring with your family!

HDYDI: Tour the Central Texas Painted Churches

The Central Texas painted churches are famous, but not so famous that they're a touristy hotspot. Don't you love discovering hidden gems? This Lent, our family decided to make a day-trip pilgrimage to see five of them. We prayed a decade of the rosary at each, taking people's prayer intentions with us. It was a really beautiful day with only minimal sibling rivalry. <-- the true miracle of … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: The nicest stranger, the coolest game & being kind

- 1 - I'm skipping quotes of the week this week because, SPRING BREAK. We are all enjoying the slower pace, later mornings and freedom that comes with no schedule. It's divine. Can that be a quote? - 2 - The baseball was fabulous. The bathrooms, nosomuch. One of our first days of spring break, we loaded up the gang and headed to the Holy Land, also known as College Station, for a little Aggie … [Read More...]

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It’s Great to Live in Texas

For the last 11 years, I've been enjoying some version of Texas Day at my kids' various preschools. I mean, how great is it that our kids celebrate their state with a parade? That must be a Texas thing, because I'm pretty sure there isn't a Rhode Island parade (no offense to my Rhode Islanders reading). Texas' Independence Day is in March and schools usually pay homage to our sweet state … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: I’m just the driver around here

- 1 - This Last week's quotes of the week (QOTW). Believe it or not, the majority of this post was written last week, but yet another kid got sick and I finally just poured myself a margarita. Better late than never, right? "Mom and Dad love each udder." Luke, yes we do. "Was that the 10-month-old or the five-year-old?" Our pediatrician, wondering who was hollering so much. Believe it or … [Read More...]

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