Redecorating your teenage boy's room? This sports themed room has ideas for bedding, wall hangings, functional desk space and a reading nook.

Before & After: A Teen’s Sports-Themed Bedroom

Teenage boys. Raise your hand, and a can of deodorant, if you have one. Recently, after we did a room shuffle with all the kids, the teenage boy landed his own room after 12 years of sharing a bedroom. He was pretty stoked. I'm not gonna lie. This room began as the nursery, was transformed to a little boy's room for our youngest son and now it's home to the resident teenage sports enthusiast. He and I had a blast perusing Pinterest (okay, maybe that was more me than him) and finding all the details to make this room his own. It's my honor to share all the details. And, AND! If you have a penchant for awesome photos as artwork, keep reading as I have an awesome giveaway for you, too. Let's look at the original, original before. Look at those cute little people! After a coat of paint and thousands of diaper changes later, it turned into this... And, now, THIS! Put on your MC Hammer pants and let's break it down. The bed (now discontinued) was one we originally had for our daughter, but ended up putting it in storage when we bought both girls matching … [Read More...]

Looking for a fin-tastic birthday theme? This shark birthday party is perfect for the little boy in your life. It's full of creative party favors, shark-themed food and fun water games. Time to get your bite on. Chomp! Chomp!

Just Chumming Around: A Shark Birthday

Choosing birthday themes with my kids has to be one of my most favorite parts of being a mom. What can I say? I like to party. While all the bigs were away at summer camp, Luke and I snuggled on the couch and hit up Pinterest. And that's when we spied it. Shark bait. Or, more accurately, a shark/beach party theme. I think he fell in love with the watermelon shark and I swooned over his shirt. … [Read More...]

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The Beauty of Compassion

Three weeks, three funerals, three of our school families are changed forever. A student, a sibling and a mother are no longer with us Earthside. I have learned more about death, dying, tragedy, grief, community and compassion than I thought possible. But this isn't just fodder for the blog. This is real. These were real lives. Real people who were loved, cherished and honored. People whose … [Read More...]

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Mary in a Martha World

I think we all vacillate between being a Mary and Martha, some of us a little heavy in one, than the other {ahem}. No finger pointing, I promise. Several months ago, one of my favorite bloggers (and one I now call friend!) shared a bit about a company I had never heard of before: Mary & Martha. And I was intrigued. Very, actually. Hang with me, because I have an awesome giveaway for … [Read More...]

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Happy 6th Birthday Luke: It’s All About the Love

For years, I have said, "I wish I could just freeze this age." But after our school experienced two very tragic losses to children in as many weeks and we prepare for another family to lose a mom to cancer, I'm realizing what I desire most for my children has changed: to grow up, seek new adventures, love God and live a fruitful life It's time for my usual letter to the birthday kid, so here … [Read More...]

Is This Thing On?

If you have Sirius/XM Radio, you might just hear a familiar twang on the radio around 2:15pm CST today. Jen and I always enjoy our time together. I'll be back later this week sharing more of our conversation. Until then? This is the page you'll want to visit. … [Read More...]

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Precious Time

Ever since my crying heap of a mess on the first day of school, I've slowly been adjusting to life at home with just one. It's like a weird out-of-body experience. The last time I just had one at home with no one in preschool or any kind of Mother's Day Out was 14 years ago. Our days consist of ... just whatever. The mornings are laid back, since Gianna doesn't wake up until 8:30 or 8:45. I … [Read More...]


Take Five

I forgot how much September kicks my butt. Hooray for all this client work ('tis the season for annual reports!), but boo on the blogging front. Here's a quick five on what's been going on in our world. Birthdays. Oh yeah. Luke's sixth birthday (what?!) is happening in two weeks and he asked for a Shark/Beach party. Fins and chum it is. I'm having a ridiculously good time planning it. I promise … [Read More...]

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Take Five

I forgot how much September kicks my butt. Hooray for all this client work ('tis the season for … [Read More...]

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