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An Interview…With Sass

I've heard from lots of you who wonder if I really do have a twang or it's just all "y'all this" and "y'all that" on the blog. And, there are some pretty great questions in my inbox and the combox, too. So, I figured why not open wide the gate and just do a little vlogging. The maiden voyage, so to speak. What can I tell you about in my Texas twang? What parenting questions do you have, because clearly after letting my son do this I am an EXPERT. Texas Aggie trivia anyone? Blogging questions? School, extracurricular or chore ideas? Have a burning HDYDI "how do you do it" topic? Bring. It. There could be a video coming your way, soon. But you gotta give me something to yammer about first. HA! Leave your questions in the combox. Can't wait! … [Read More...]

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My Funk & What I’m Doing About It

Scott is probably reading this and laughing. Stop it, honey. It's possible it's the post-partum crazy, but I also think it's the "I'm 40 and not getting any younger" thing, too. With my other babies, well the first four, there was no smart phone. I didn't have to worry about nursing and being distracted by the glowing screen. I wasn't much of a TV watcher during those early years with little … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: Memory lane, the photo I’ll love forever and why I can’t feel my arms

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW): "Do we have to take religion?" John Paul, yes bud. You go to a CATHOLIC school. Me: "Luke, I don't feel good. My head hurts!" Luke: "Oh, I'll pray for you. St. Mom, pray for us!" "Dad, how many years have you known me?" John Paul, seriously? Luke: "Mom! I broke my arm!" Me: "Oh that sounds awful!" Luke: "I'm just kiddin' with ya...I'm … [Read More...]

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known as a First-Time School Mom

5 Things I Wish I Would’ve Known as a First-Time School Mom

Depending upon how today's going, you're either saying "pass the tissues" or "where's the party?" I don't think there's one right reaction for a mom putting her first baby through school. It affects us all differently. However, I suspect that for you veteran mommas, you've learned a thing or two as you've ushered in many a school year. My oldest is enjoying his last year of middle school and I … [Read More...]

Get a headstart on packing for next year summer camp

HDYDI: Pack for {Next Year’s} Summer Camp!

Ah, you're home. The kids are wiped out, the laundry is finally done and the memories and photos are aplenty from summer camp. Time to focus on starting a new school year, right? Maybe. Because I served as a camp counselor and was a camp kid myself, here's a few small things you can do to make packing for summer camp next year a total breeze. Or, slightly less painful. 1. Hit the … [Read More...]

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Always Watching

You know what I've missed on the blog? Just talking. About life. About motherhood. Yes, I've chatted about cloth diapers, camp, women's conferences and the like. And I have loved every minute. But sometimes I just really miss talking to y'all about my current state. I really miss my late night writing sessions. Right now, they're consumed with cluster feeding Gianna (not complaining!) and I'm … [Read More...]

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Summer Camp in Arkansas, Where the Living is Good

This year, the bigs (Will, John Paul and Anna-Laura) enjoyed a week at summer camp in Arkansas. It's always their favorite week of summer. I've blogged about choosing it, making sure all your kids do it and packing for it. I believe passionately in all three. Next Monday, I'll share how you can prepare for next year's summer camp, but until then, enjoy my camper's reflections on the greatest … [Read More...]

confessions of a cloth diaper convert

Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert

As the mom of six, I've shocked a lot of people in my lifetime. But I have to say, when I told people I was switching to cloth with our sixth baby, there were many an audible gasp, followed by a head shake and a shoulder pat. It's okay. I'm used to being called crazy. I do it well. Several of you have left comments and emailed me about making the switch, so I thought I'd dish with an honest … [Read More...]

How I Do It!

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