Our Love Story: Part Three

This is part three of a three-part series on how we met. You can catch up by reading parts one and two. ---- When we last left off, I was about to make "the call" for one last effort at a date with Mr. Whitaker. Thankfully, when I made the call and nervously asked Scott to our sorority's formal, he said, "Yes!" We enjoyed a pre-formal dinner date with some other couples. I also feel obligated to tell you that you should never curl your bangs like that. Ever. The formal was lovely. We ended the evening by going to Midnight Yell Practice and shared our first kiss - three months after we first met. Does that even happen anymore? On the way home, we played a little Mission Impossible near the Academic Building with my best friend and her date. College kids. Scott stopped by my dorm room a few days later, on the last day of the semester, and wished me a merry Christmas. This is proof that selfies have been around a long time. And that was that. I was really quite sad that no phone numbers were shared but I powered onward and spent the holidays in my hometown. A few … [Read More...]

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Our Love Story: Part Two

This is part two of a three part series on how we met. Catch up by reading part one and three. ---- Last time, I left you standing at the doorway to Duncan Dining Hall on Texas A&M University's campus wondering why I hadn't asked out that handsome fella. Welllll, after consulting with my roommates, we decided the best way to a man's heart was through his stomach. I made a batch of … [Read More...]


Our Love Story: Part One

Back when I did the vlog, several of you said "share the deets!" on how Mr. Whitaker and I met. You asked, I dish. Honestly, I've been wanting to write this down for a long while. I really, really hope this doesn't embarrass the kids someday. But, I hope they know just how much I love their dad. Like, six kids kind of love. This is part one of a three part series on how we met. Enjoy the … [Read More...]

People say it all the time. And I really wish they wouldn't.

The Thing I Wish People Would Stop Telling Me

I hear it all the time. No really, I do. Upon seeing all six of my kids... You know what causes that, don't you? For the last 14 years I've been at this motherhood gig and with each passing year we've added to our growing brood. You would be shocked at the things people say. Our kids have been called "oops," my sex life has been questioned by a stranger in an elevator and we've been mocked … [Read More...]

This Paris-themed birthday party is sure to delight. From fun passports, stamped at each activity station, to DIY Eiffel Towers and crepe making, guests will discover a little bit of France in everything they do. This post has easy food ideas, party decor and lovely printables for your little girl's Paris birthday.

A Birthday in Paris? Oui! Oui!

Paris, it sure was good to see you again. Three years ago, my oldest daughter celebrated her birthday in Parisian style, so I was a *teeny* bit excited when daughter number two decided to follow suit. Grab a parasol, a croissant and let’s talk a stroll through Paris, shall we? When girls arrived they received their passport, which was stamped at each station they completed. Anna-Laura was … [Read More...]

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Finding God in Shrimp & Grits: an Edel Recap

When I first broke my knee, my most pressing question was: "Can I still attend the Edel Gathering in Charleston?" Thankfully, both my ER doc and orthopedic surgeon said yes. Armed with pain pills, crutches, money for hard liquor and a healthy dose of humor, I headed out for the weekend to the land of shrimp and grits. It's equally awesome when the hotel staff takes pity on you and sends … [Read More...]

Kicking the Cap out of Surgery

Today's the day. I'm off to places. Hip, hip hooray. The doctor will be fixing my patella fracture this morning. He says it will be rough for two days and then I'll be back to a better state in 7-10 days. I'm praying I'm on the low end, not the high. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. But my weekend in Charleston really filled my cup (more on that soon). Pray for me! And I promise to … [Read More...]


A Flip Flop with a Side of Crutches

It started like any other Monday. Laundry. Sibling rivalry. A quick breakfast. Us being late. We scurried off to the kids' bi-annual dentist visit. The kids got glowing reports, minus that chipped tooth of John Paul's courtesy of his big brother. But before I was able to really give those two a good talking to, we had to jet home to grab the cooler and swimsuits for swim lessons. I was … [Read More...]

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