A Bishop’s Greatest Lesson

This Bishop taught me to love. More importantly, he taught my son to embrace holiness. Today, Bishop-Elect Daniel Garcia will become Austin's first Auxiliary Bishop. And, no doubt the Mass will be beautiful. I'm quite certain there will be some poignant moments as his family recognizes his new appointment. The altar will be spectacular as all those priests and bishops gather to celebrate the consecration. And, yes, I'll probably tear up a tiny bit (blaming it on the nursing hormones). But, my tears won't be because a great man is becoming a Bishop. No, those tears will come because of the great influence he's had on my eldest son. Several years ago, when we joined the parish, Fr. Danny was one of the first welcoming faces we saw. He was quick to greet us, welcome us and invite us to share our gifts of time, talent and treasure with the community. There have been pictures with the class frog. Hugs for leading VBS.The baptism of our niece. First Communions. And dinners at our home. But, all those pale in comparison to his greatest gift to our … [Read More...]

Ever find yourself frustrated with making a photo book that takes too long and isn't the quality you're wanting? Enter, the best photo book ever! With an intuitive algorithm of photo placement and easy-to-use software, this photo book now ranks as my very favorite.

HDYDI: Taking the Pain Out of Making a Photo Book

This post might be sponsored, but the opinions? Y'all know how I yap. And yap I may about something I love. Let's talk photos and books and the absence of pain, shall we? Oh, and for a sweet deal just for Team Whitaker readers, be sure to scroll to the end. I'm no stranger to graphic design or photos. I see them all the live long day. If only I could tell you the hours I've spent in front of my … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: Elvis, a Bishop and a hipster walk into a bar

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW): "B-U-R-N, burn, burn, burn." Luke, he says this allll the time. Thanks older brother, Will, for teaching him. Clare: "You are the best Mom ever! What is better than hearts?" Me: "You!" Clare: "That's the right answer!" "I got to that scary part in 'Old Yeller' and I had to skip it or I'd faint." Anna-Laura, good call. Although, she did get … [Read More...]

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Goodnight Motherhood

In the great green room, there was a telephone And a red balloon And a picture of a cow jumping over the moon... I have read those words hundreds - thousands - of times. With six sweet babies that have graced my arms, the story of Goodnight Moon never gets old. The baby still claps. The emerging reader still giggles. The older sibling still smiles. There's a reason they call it a … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: My kids are hilarious

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW): JP: "Mom, have you ever been to Alberqwe?" Me: "You mean Albuquerque?" "These paczki are awesome. Way better than King Kong cake." Oh John Paul, life with you is awesome. "Again? Seriously?" Luke, in response to having to go BACK up to the priest for communion after just having been up there for ashes. Luke: "Why do these 'jamas have a … [Read More...]

Lent, the 40 day precursor to Easter, can be a time of growth and beauty. This post is a reminder that I've been doing it wrong, and a pledge to get it right this year.

Lent: You’re Doing it Wrong

Lent. By now, there must be 5,000 posts on how to make this your best Lent, ever. This is not that post. I'm a convert to Catholicism, so my take on Lent is probably markedly different than many Catholic moms. There are no years-long traditions of Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday celebrations for which I can draw inspiration. Nor are there stories of how I remember Lent growing up as a kid. … [Read More...]

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What I Wore Sunday (Vol. 48) My Funny Valentine

Remember once upon a time when I did these every week? It's been almost a year! The last time I shared what I wore Sunday, I was 8 months preggo. And, now, I have this nine-month beauty to complete my outfit. I think Gianna has the unimpressed face DOWN. We switched things up tonight and went to a neighboring parish. As fate would have it, the priest's message was just what I needed … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: A fabric crush and kids that make me cry

- 1 - Quotes of the week (QOTW): John Paul, about one of our neighbors who got sick: "Oh Lucy can't be sick, she's too cute!" "I have so many questions." Clare, yes you do. "Mom, did you see my three-pointer?!" Will had two basketball games this week and in both, he sunk the three. Proud mom. - 2 - This blogging thing is such a tricky animal. I try, very hard, to share our life as … [Read More...]

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