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A Radio Show I Already Love

When I first "cyber-met" Bonnie a few years ago, I just knew we would get along. I mean, anyone who has survived a NICU stay, loves a good chocolate chip cookie and has a laugh that lights up a room, is a friend in my book. This Sunday, May 3, Bonnie and two equally amazing women, Rebecca and Heather, are launching a radio show - The Visitation Project. Here's the skinny: Tune in on Sundays at 7:30 p.m. (PST) - that's 9:30 p.m. Texas time if you're an Aggie and bad with numbers like me - on Catholic Broadcasting Northwest (KBVM) You can listen live via the radio app or online. And, if you miss an episode, they're archiving them on the website for later listening. Hooray! These three gals will be chatting about real life, real challenges, real joy and real faith - all with a healthy dose of honesty, humility and humor. Can't beat that trifecta. I got to listen to a snippet last week and I'm so excited to hear them hit the airwaves, officially, this weekend. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Go kill it, ladies!   … [Read More...]

Planning a First Communion party for your son or daughter? Get ideas for party food (including cake, cookies, munchies and drinks), along with printables, flower and design ideas. Make this party as special as the Sacrament itself!

First Communion: The After Party

Y'all will get the full 411 on Clare's big day this week. But first, let's talk sugar and fajitas, shall we? If you've been reading the blog for any amount of time, you know how much I dig the party. Always have. Just ask my mom. A few weeks ago, I shared how to plan a feast for a sacramental celebration and today? Today I'm showing you how all that came together at our house. I can assure … [Read More...]


The Problem with Jesus

These last few weeks, my social media feeds have been inundated with tragic news. Cancer. Car accidents. Heart attacks. Brain surgery. Stillbirth. Failed adoptions. Divorce. So much sadness. It's reminded me that we all have a beef with Jesus. People (me included) can often be heard reciting the chorus of things like, "It's part of God's plan" or "Jesus, I trust in you" or "God is good, … [Read More...]

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11 Months: Whoa Baby

As I type those words, eleven months, I feel this anxious skip in my heart. How can it be that my baby, born in such beautiful fashion, is speeding toward measuring age in years, rather than months? I mean, I should know this is coming, right? Six kids. Not my first rodeo. But, still. I am in disbelief that our first year with Gianna is nearing the end. I adore her beyond belief and every … [Read More...]

Feeling stressed planning your son or daughter's First Communion party? Don't be! From planning the food, to setting the dessert table, to greeting your guests - this post encourages you to find the love in the details.

HDYDI: Plan a Lovely First Communion Party

Yesterday I shared my ten gift ideas and left you with a chance to win more than $300 worth of First Communion goodness. Today? Today, we talk parties. Later this week, I'll share the sacramental love. With six kids and as the self-proclaimed birthday junkie, I adore a good party. What can I say? I'm a southerner. Hand me some sweet tea and a slice of cake and I'm yours. Some of you have … [Read More...]

Looking for that perfect First Communion gift for your child or friend? Look no farther. These ten ideas are beautiful, tasteful and sure to be your son or daughter's new favorite religious keepsake.

First Communion: 10 AWESOME gift ideas and an EPIC giveaway (like $300+ epic)

Hold on to your chalices, this giveaway is crazy awesome. As most of you know, we're gearing up to celebrate a most beautiful sacrament in the Whitaker household in t-minus 15 days. EEK. I have written about why I love First Communion so¬†(and you'll get more this week) and two years ago I even did a week-long series. Pinterest and I are tight. Never fear, this week you'll hear more about the … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: The best quote {EVER} and a confession

- 1 - I usually share a bunch of quotes with you, but this gem from Luke deserves its own take. A neighbor and I share carpool duties to preschool. Earlier this week, we decided to walk to her house for dropoff instead of having her drive over. Note to self: don't forget to factor in chatty time, rock collecting time and trash truck viewing time while walking with a five-year-old. Anywhere. So, … [Read More...]

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Was This Our Best Lent Ever?

As a Protestant, there was one thing that really intrigued me about Catholics. They took Easter and the 40 days preceding it, seriously. Maybe I should share that whole journey from Protestant to Catholic sometime? I don't know. Maybe. What say y'all? Fast forward almost 19 years and here we are. Another Lent in the books. How was yours? Did you walk away changed? The same? Indifferent? … [Read More...]

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