I’m Here, Just Not *Here*

I wish I could convey how much I miss writing here more than once or twice a week. Let's just say it boils down to three things: crazy busy fall schedule, newborn and post-partum issues. If y'all can bear with me for two more weeks chatty, happy, bloggy Kathryn will be back on her regular writing schedule. There will be stories of motherhood, funny quotes, life lessons, a pretty dining room table and a fair amount of Aggie football. I might even throw in a giveaway or two. Right now, I have a screaming baby, a throbbing headache and a Dos Equis that still needs to be finished. Mamma mia. … [Read More...]

Talking to your kids about sex

HDYDI: Talking the Birds & Bees with Your Kids

Cue the eyeroll and embarrassed faces now, please. It's a subject that has all the makings of the elephant in the room. And, I think most of us think we'll share the big news with our kids when "they're older." Here's a newsflash: older is now. We've always been big believers in being honest with our kids, while keeping it age appropriate regarding our family and church's views on … [Read More...]

Choosing Catholic school

The Thing I Said I’d Never Do

Really. So many things. Before I became a parent my "List of Things I Will Never Do" would've paved the way to the top of Mt. Everest. Now, it's more along the lines of, "I will never willingly stay up past midnight" and "I will never cheer for the Longhorns." Because, kids. And priorities. At first, I said I'd never quit artificial birth control. Then that was followed by I'll never put … [Read More...]

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HDYDI: Plan (and Capture) Rockin’ Family Photos

I am a believer that every family should take professional family photos at least once in your lifetime. Okay, that's a lie. I think you should take them way more than that. Let's chat about why I love family photos, how we plan for them and what you can do to fit them into your family budget. 1. In our house, we have the most lovely curved wall on our staircase. If ever, in the event … [Read More...]


7 Quick Takes: The word I must say, the boots I must have & the baby I adore

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW) are, um, slim pickings. "Are you going to take her a bath?" Anna-Laura asks Scott this question EVERY night and his reply is always the same. "You mean GIVE her a bath?" Someday we'll figure out the difference between those two words! "Rainbow chicken!" Luke, he passes this metal chicken every day on the way to preschool and never misses … [Read More...]


To Infinity & Beyond: We Invade NASA

Do we have an astronaut in the making? Who knows, but what fun to find out! If you follow me on the 'gram or over on Facebook, you know that our oldest spent the day at NASA's Johnson Space Center last Wednesday. He was one of 30 4-Hers selected in the state of Texas to represent the organization and participate in 4-H's National Youth Science Day activities. Kids all over the country were … [Read More...]

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That Stranger and the Worst Thing He Ever Said to Me

I will freely admit it's been a big, fat ball of crazy around here. My grand plans of getting my "how do you do it" posts up on Monday, um, haven't happened. Now, if you were to ask me, "Hey, Kathryn, how do you not sleep?" That, I could answer. Have a sixth baby! Oh I kid. But in the midst of my sleep-deprived stupor, God gave me an experience and some time of reflection to process it … [Read More...]

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It’s Fall Y’all

And, in Texas that means we've finally hit the 80s. I do so love the fall for two reasons: 1) It's my happy decorating place. I tend to decorate with jewel tones and fall-ish colors year 'round so stepping into fall is like finding my favorite wool cardigan. It's familiar and cozy and inviting. Easter is always a stretch for me, what with all those pastels and light colors. I love color and … [Read More...]

How I Do It!

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