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Happy 5th Birthday Superman

As I click away on the computer keys, I can't help but feel nostalgic. Victorious, perhaps. Today, September 18, is our sweet preemie's fifth birthday. FIVE. And I hardly recognize the mom reflected back to me in the mirror these days. She finally learned to live life. Luke has been God's greatest gift to the family in many ways. Today, we celebrate his life, his tenacity, his love and his lessons. Luke - big guy - this letter's for you. Dear Luke, Last night, you asked me to "sit in da chair wif you," just like you do most days. That may very well be the one piece of furniture we never sell. So many nights have been spent rocking you in that chair, from the early days when you screamed for hours, HOURS, after all your hospital stays and surgeries, to sweet bedtime snuggles as of late. Somehow, you just seem to fit in the crook of my arm, your feet pulled in and then we cover you with a blanket. It is my most favorite thing in the world to do with you. Sit in that chair. This year you turn five. And, in all these years you've been with us, I think it may mark the … [Read More...]

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Our Very Best Moments from Summer

Even though our days are still in the high 90s (and sometimes low 100s!), with the start of school summer sure seems like a distant memory. Before we hit the vernal equinox, I wanted to share a few bits and pieces from our summer here at Casa Whitaker. Just a few nights ago, Scott and I were sitting on the couch and he says to me, "Did summer even happen? Because I feel like it was just a … [Read More...]

The Vlog: A Maiden Voyage

You asked for it. Prepare yourself for the twang. I talk cookbooks, pantry locks and getting six kids to bed. But, it may be the text I get from Scott a few moments in that saves the vlog. Happy watching! And, please, be nice to me in the comments. Yay or nay on the chatty? Do you like your Team Whitaker vlogged or do you prefer me in text form? Don't worry, after watching this I'm most likely … [Read More...]


7 Quick Takes: The very best video, messy eggs and a cool 1 million

- 1 - This week's quotes of the week (QOTW): "Dad, can you make me a messy egg for breakfast?" Luke, we call that a fried egg, over easy. "Those kids sure have some neat backpacks. But mine's the coolest." Luke, on all the other PK kids' choices on schoolwear. - 2 - I keep forgetting I have some sweet readers across the pond who may not fully share my love of all things American football or my … [Read More...]

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The Preemie Goes to Preschool {and other things I never thought I’d say}

Just look at those eyelashes. Go ahead, I'll wait. For my new(er) readers you may not know the whole Luke story. The long and short of it? He got a scary diagnosis in utero, was born early, got a nasty intestinal infection, coded, was resuscitated, underwent emergency surgery, had a 44-day NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) stay, visited 12 specialists, had six more surgeries, endured hundreds … [Read More...]

Before I Had a Seven Year Old w Border

Before I Had a Seven-Year-Old

Oh, how different life was just a few years ago when all the bigs were littles. It doesn't take long for them to hit the big leagues, but some days I really, really wondered. When Kate asked me about motherhood then and now, it brought back some good memories and lots of chuckles and head shakes. Who was that mom?! Click on over and you'll find out what combination of kids was the … [Read More...]

Keeping your house clean with six kids

HDYDI: Keep Your House {Semi} Clean with 6 Kids

You hire a housekeeper. HA! Kidding. Maybe. It's a question I get almost every week and one we heard quite a bit growing up, even though it was just my brother and I. Before I dive into how we do it, I think it's important to note two things: 1. Everyone's version of "clean" is different. For some, it's a bleached bathroom, no dishes in the sink and mopped floors. Others just want … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: Winning at Pilates, a rockin’ party and the photo that gets me giggling

- 1 - We had some great quotes of the week (QOTW), most of which are courtesy of Luke. "Come wake me up! I didn't have any dreams today." Oh Luke, my heart. Me: "Luke, is Clare done in the shower yet?" Luke: "Nope, but she'll be ready in a flash." "I had a fantastic nap." Luke, I so envy you. Me: "Luke, get ready because Mrs. Veronica is almost here to pick you up for … [Read More...]

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