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Lessons in Prematurity

As prematurity awareness month comes to a close at the end of the week, I wanted to share one last post before the holidays hit high gear. And, if you read nothing else of this post, scroll to the bottom. Trust me. About a month ago, I reached out to several mommas and asked them lots of questions about their NICU stay with their preemie or ill baby. For some, the NICU stay was a handful of days, for others it was several months. Their crosses have been heavy, but their wisdom is so great. I've written before about my initial fears of our NICU stay and Luke's many diagnoses, the glimmers of hope we received along the way and the life lessons in his journey. The truth is? Prematurity and a NICU stay never really leave you. They permanently alter your lens on life. At least they did mine. As NICU moms, we all have hard days. But the hardest ones? Those are the ones you remember for a lifetime. [it] was the day they told us that our baby was in danger of dying. The doctor in charge told my husband that she was not responding well to their interventions and that she might have … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: You won’t believe what I gave up, kids with knives & my best read

- 1 - Quotes of the week (QOTW) this week: "Why is that grass old?" Luke, upon spying the brown grass on the road. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. The rest of the funnies Just. Didn't. Happen. Gianna and I were both sick over the weekend and earlier in the week and we are finally coming out on the other side. Please, God, let this baby sleep. - 2 - My grand idea of getting a few posts in this week about … [Read More...]

Pregnancy is supposed to be easy, but sometimes your baby girl or baby boy ends up in the neonatal intensive care unit. Some friends and family think they understand what you’re going through, but here’s 7 things I wish people knew about prematurity, its effects on a family and how to help someone in the NICU.

7 Things I Wish People Knew About Prematurity

Five years ago prematurity happened to our family. Out of the blue, it sucker punched us. Looking back, there are lots of things I'd tell myself - accept help, take it one day at a time, buy more concealer. But, in honor of World Prematurity Day, I also wish people knew these seven things about the harsh reality of having a baby born before 37 weeks. 1 - The NICU stay? Yeah, that's the easy … [Read More...]

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Week in My Life 2014, Sunday

Welcome to Week in My Life! Scroll on down to the bottom for today's linky! Let's wrap it up, shall we? Today was all about getting ready to do it all over again. Groundhog Day anyone? Our night of sleep was short, but Gianna managed to sleep a six-hour stretch. I'm not sure everyone got out of their pajamas until just before lunch. Scott and I did a little Sunday menu planning. He and the kids … [Read More...]

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Week in My Life 2014, Saturday

Welcome to Week in My Life! Scroll on down to the bottom for today's linky! UPDATED! Chances are, we are just rolling back into town after a stellar weekend in College Station. While our day was pretty fabulous, my sweet eyes are saying SLEEP! So, you'll get my Saturday recap shortly. Until then, link it up! A small recap from the rest of Friday. It took us FORever to get out of town. We had to … [Read More...]


Week in My Life 2014, Friday

Welcome to Week in My Life! Scroll on down to the bottom for today's linky! It's Friday! It's Friday! Praise the good and merciful Lord. It flew by this week but probably because I didn't sleep any of it! Today, it was all about finding the lemonade in the lemons and enjoying the small moments. Because, really, life is all about the small moments. You know the drill by now. G slept meh, I woke … [Read More...]


Week in My Life 2014, Thursday

Welcome to Week in My Life! Scroll on down to the bottom for today's linky! If ever there was a competition for surviving on the smallest amount of sleep, I just might be in the top five. Poor Gianna's cold kept her up half the night, waking almost every hour. Damn you baby colds. Although, we've done the NICU, so perspective. It just stinks right now. We were up and at 'em early this morning, … [Read More...]

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Week in My Life 2014, Wednesday

Welcome to Week in My Life! Scroll on down to the bottom for today's linky! Today I saw an old friend, found heaven on Earth in a styrofoam cup and had an unexpected, but blessed, ending to the day. Let's get started. Bad sleeping night for sweet G. This cold is no fun, but perhaps the corner is just ahead. She had her six-month well check this morning, so Scott took care of getting … [Read More...]

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