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Decking the Halls: Home Tour 2014

I know, I know. I promised this a few days ago and then I promptly disappeared from the blogosphere. I'm blaming it on the non-napping 7-month-old (for reals) and end-of-the-year design crazy. As I tweeted earlier today, these last few days before the break must be what it's like to ride a bull. Hold on, baby! Here we are, just days away from the fourth, FOURTH, Sunday of Advent. It's really here. And, as I reflect back on our Advent I'd say the word that comes to mind is purposeful. We certainly didn't go to everything I hoped we would, but as I started to generate this list below, I realize that this Advent carried its very own beauty for this season of our life. There was the Advent wreath that was found, lit and then promptly knocked over, with plenty of candle wax, to boot. We managed to hunt down the perfect tree and keep it upright. The girls and I baked cookies while the boys put their fingers on the icing "to see if they were done yet." (they weren't) But, man, they tasted fantastic. There were activity-free weekdays. A first. Lots of … [Read More...]

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A Christmas Tree Hunting We Go

Lotta sap, Clark. The weekend after Thanksgiving, we hit the road for Elgin to choose our Christmas tree. Scott and I have always been a real tree kinda family. Well, that first two years, we had our sweet little fake tree while we were graduate students and didn't have two nickels to rub together. By the way, we still have that tree! For many years, while we were in Indy, we enjoyed … [Read More...]

Looking for a quick (and affordable) Christmas gift for your teacher, friend or neighbor this year? This DIY idea, using inspiration from Trader Joe's, includes a free printable, too!

An Easy (and Affordable!) Christmas Gift for Teachers

Oh, I'm sure you've got it allllll under control this last week of school before the break. Cards mailed. Packages wrapped. House decorated. Shopping complete. I'm just positive. But, in the off-chance that you aren't all ready to deck the halls, here's hoping this quick and affordable teacher gift might save you some stress - and some bucks - as we enter the homestretch. You can certainly … [Read More...]

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Why Christmas Cards are a Big Deal Here

Christmas cards have always been a thing at our house. Just ask my husband. Today, I'm sharing how they're my love language and why I just can't quit them over at Your Merry Mailbox. The truth might surprise you. I have my real-life friend, Britt, to thank for letting me know about YMM. Y'all. It's like my dream blog. You know how much I love cards, of any kind, and they have such great … [Read More...]

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Jolly ‘ol St. Nick & the Three Gifts

I figure if I'm yapping about St. Nicholas, then I might as well share how we give gifts around here, too. At our house, we believe. If you want to know how I made peace with Santa, go for it. Here's the most important thing to know about Santa/St. Nicholas. However you choose to celebrate him should do one thing: bring you closer to Christ. So, whether your kids get chocolate coins, the … [Read More...]

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The Power of No: Finding Balance in Chaos

Y'all. I have missed you. I have missed this space. But, mostly, I have missed being able to talk to God. Blogging helps me do that. In a weird, crazy way, banging on this keyboard helps me sort out things that are brewing in my head, it allows me to see God's handiwork in my life and trust in that grace. So, here we are. The second Sunday of Advent and I've had this post all written in … [Read More...]

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I have this post all written in my head. I do.

Trust me when I tell you this blog post I want to write is already written. But, somehow I haven't figured out how to connect the keyboard to my brain. Can someone get on inventing that? Like, pronto. It's all about percents, saying no, traditions, babble and lovely photos. There's even two awesome giveaways coming - one for your sweet tooth and two for your bebes. I guess that's three. Math … [Read More...]

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7 Quick Takes: Who’s the Turkey Now?

This week I'll be quick. Because let's be honest. I've got Christmas shopping to do! I'm one of those people who knocks it out between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and then my new BFF is the UPS man. Time to start baking him some cookies. - 1 - Quotes? This one takes the cake, courtesy of Clare, while sorting rainbow loom bands: John Paul: Why is Mom so slow at sorting? Clare: It's what … [Read More...]

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