When Your Heart Says *Enough*

I would say this post has been brewing in my mind for many weeks. I've stopped and started it a half dozen times, unable to find the right words to say. Should I lean on the trials and obstacles of the past few months or focus on their lessons? I ultimately decided to pray, then write, and see what the Holy Spirit had to say. Drink a cold Dos Equis. It's true, I swear I heard him say that. And then I laughed because our fridge broke and ain't nothing was cold. We did have a nice, huge lake of water in our kitchen and foyer, though. It was awesome. {sarcasm font} That was riiiight before our dishwasher quit, too. I know, a mom's worst nightmare. So, yes, there have been more broken bones, appliances, major home fixtures, chairs, trash cans, furniture and toilets in our home than I thought possible in a four month span. But, I believe we call that "life" or "when it rains it pours" or "what are you gonna do?" But, truly, it's been the intangibles that had me crying in my closet two nights ago. It was ugly. Just so many things had me screaming, this is enough Lord. Like … [Read More...]

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Finding Your *Perfect* Rhythm

School started last week and the initial report? It is kicking our butt. In mostly good ways. The beauty of the school year is that it brings about consistency, routine and a rhythm which we all so desperately crave. The dogs days of summer and its carefree nature are lovely, but come the end of August I'm all "give me a schedule, people." While breaking my knee wasn't high on the … [Read More...]


Summer Camp: The Best Week Ever

One of the best weeks of the summer? Week long camp in Arkansas. Oh, how I love thee. For the last four summers, we've been sending the kids to summer camp. They adore the time away, with the freedom to do what they want, within reason, we enjoy slightly cleaner bathrooms and less cooking. It's win-win for everyone. A few things I've chatted about before: Packing for summer … [Read More...]

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The Day the Preemie Went to Kindergarten

The preemie started kindergarten this week. He did beautifully. I, however, had a slightly rougher time. While the world sees this... I couldn't forget this...or this... or about 8 billion other moments that led us to the kindergarten door. You see, back in September 2009 I begged God for a miracle. Like, begged. I remember the moment, crystal clear, as if it happened just … [Read More...]

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The One Lesson Every Mom Should Remember on the First Day of School

This is happening. It's really, really happening. Today, I put my oldest in high school and my (almost) youngest in kindergarten with three in between and one still at home. That's six, in case you're bad at math like me. As I watched my oldest confidently throw his backpack over his shoulder, look nervously back at me and his dad, and push his way through the high school doors, it hit … [Read More...]


‘Merica Vacation: Part Three, The Long Road Home

STATE #7: KENTUCKY Our trip in Indy was full of love, hugs and lots of memories for us, and the kids. Then, we hit I-65 and it was not so lovey. But, because we hit the road suuuuper early, we made it to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory shortly after opening. John Paul was in baseball heaven. They actually make the bats here and we took a factory tour, which was fascinating for all of … [Read More...]


‘Merica Vacation: Part Two, The Love

We took an epic, 10-state, 2,900-mile, 8-day vacation this summer and I'm dishing on all the details. Read more in Part One and Part Three! ****** Yesterday, I left off with my bad math skills and my poor dinner guest manners. We walked in the door of the Thoman's house many hours later than what we planned and we all got a good chuckle out of that. Fortunately, we have amazing friends … [Read More...]


‘Merica Vacation: Part One, The Roadtrip

It's always an adventure this "vacation" with kids thing. It's usually the last half hour of every leg of the trip that we all lose our will to live. Memories. We're making 'em. Several months ago, some of the Godparents living in Indiana begged called us and asked if we would drive to Indiana at the end of June/beginning of July to see them and our dear friends who were flying in from Italy. … [Read More...]

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